March 2008 Weddings
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Hi Ladies Here is a poll

So after being married for six months, have things changed?


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Re: Hi Ladies Here is a poll

  • We've moved to another state, and now we are looking to consoldate all of our finances, change my name, etc.

    What has changed with you Mrs. Barry?

  • Nothing really...the normal stuff like name change, consolidating finances, changing my passport, license and all that.  Oh, we bought a that's a big thing.


    Mrs. B, are you still cooridinating weddings?

  • Not too much. Started my own wedding business (invites, programs, menus etc and am now doing planning/coordinating) so that's been fun :)

     Other than that, just enjoying married life!

  • Nothing has really changed for us. We have our ups and down but we get through them. We are just starting the house hunting process and getting approved.

    I'm not doing the wedding cordnatior stuff anymore. It's really my thing. I tired it out with at least I tired. I just made my self soo stressed out. I have one girl in this upcoming March but after that I'm really going to try something else.


    I'm also on the Nest a lot more and getting into this

    image image image Emily and Dan 03-15-2008 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Not really changed for us. We went right back to which one of us is doing dishes, or cleaning the floors etc. Steve is almost done with school, and looking for work ( which sucks right now) and we hope to buy a house soon. I am off bc, but not really trying. Hope all is well with everyone!
  • Same here except 2 friends have had their babies, I was matron of honor in my best friends wedding, took a new job in a different insurance company, went off BC AND last week my mother in law went on hospice :(
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  • OMG, I haven't logged in here 4-ever. I'm at work (procrasting) and thinking of the holidays. That lead me to think about DH and how we've been married almost 8 months already! Our little doggie (that we treat like our child) is one year old this month. It's great being married. Just the other day DH and I laid down to go to sleep at 11:00pm and I just thought about the days when I was single. I think the most depressing time of day for a single person is bedtime. Just going to sleep alone, thinking lonely thoughts, wishing you had someone to curl up next to.... Our prenuptial counselor told us that marriage does not automatically guarentee that you will never be lonely again, but so far I feel a great relief from my single days. DH and I are both still in school even though we are not young anymore (36 and 28 respectively). We are somewhat close to graduating (1-3 years) but we aren't anywhere near buying a house or having kids, although if we somehow ended up with a house or became pregnant, I wouldn't be unhappy about it. Good to keep in touch with all of you.
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