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Your motivation to quit stuffing your face

So I am a foodie, and always have been. I love food of all different kinds. There is not much that I do not like or appreciate. Since being married (2 years), I have sadly put on 20+ lbs. I know that I am eating more and I am completely at fault for this happening. My issue is that I cannot seem to tell myself to stop eating, which I could do in the past.

For those of you who have self control, how do you do it? What do you tell yourself? Or maybe you could enlighten me on psychological reason for my I filling a void that I am unaware of?

Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for sharing your success.

Re: Your motivation to quit stuffing your face

  • I enjoy cooking healthier recipes. 

    How about putting away all leftovers after plating your meal?  You might feel really silly going back into the fridge for 2nds if you're digging into sealed tupperware containers.

  • Good idea! I will definitely try that. Thank you!!
  • For me, I just have to really think, am I full?  Plus eating slowly helps. Of course I still struggle.  I just read this blog and it really helped me put things in prospective.  Check it out.


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  • There's nothing wrong with being a foodie and enjoying food. The key is to eat slowly and savor every bite. Then, when you are satisfied, you need to stop.

    There is a book called "Intuitive Eating" that you might enjoy. Check it out from your local library and see if it is helpful.

  • Back when I first got married, I too gained several pounds quickly. It wasn't until I realized that I was "competing" for dinner with my husband that I was able to rectify things.

     I love cooking and left-overs, but with my husband there was usually very little food left at the end of a meal. Knowing this, I'd end up eating more than I usually would. This was easily solved by my dividing the prepared food in half (I always cook for leftovers), and packaging my leftover share away before dinner even began.

  • My motivation is that I don't want to get fatter (I'm serious!! I've been over 200 pounds before) and don't want to ruin my flat stomach.
  • I'm a foodie too, but I actually feel that this helps me maintain a healthy weight, as opposed to being a burden. The fact that I like lots of foods means I like lots of healthy foods just as much as non-healthy foods. And since I love to cook, I'm able to come up with delicious recipes that are still really healthy (and I'm not talking about just subbing low-fat stuff - I really utilize fresh, seasonal produce, all kinds of seasonings, good clean ingredients.)

    I was obese for most of my life, though. I never want to go back there - that is the majority of my motivation. And I know how it feels when I overeat a bunch of unhealthy food - not good at all. Fitness is a huge part of my life now too, and I try to eat the best I can to fuel my workouts. All that being said, I certainly make time for splurges! Being good most of the time allows me to really appreciate a nice meal out or whatever I decide to splurge on, and not feel guilty doing so.

  • I had to start thinking about food as fuel for my body instead of as a recreation. I love love love different types of food, but I enjoy it more now because I think about how it is giving my body what it needs to do to live and enjoy everything and everyone around me. 
  • I saw a picture of myself after a 30 lb weight gain (also after I got married).  It's imprinted on my brain.  What I do is put only what I'm going to eat on my plate...and I make sure there is a lot of white still showing on my plate.  I also have been writing all my food intake down & put it into my SparkPeople page - when I have to face exactly how many calories I'm putting in my mouth, it makes it easier.  Writing it down has been the best thing - did it for 12 weeks and now, not doing it, I still recognize how much I can or can't eat - I've lost 21 lbs in 13 weeks doing this, and hoping for at least 9-15 more.
  • I love food too!!

    Now, I cook healthy recipes, I figure out what a serving would be and put just that amount on my plate. If I want seconds, I wait 20 minutes and drink a glass of water first. (I eat fast so that doesn't help!) Usually when my stomach catches up with my brain, I realize I don't want seconds. Also, I've taught myself to be happy with being satisfied (a 7 or so on the "full" scale) rather than feeling like full means "stuffed"! 

    We use smaller plates, too. That helps!

    Kate (& Mark!)

  • I'm in the same boat!  Since getting married, I've gained a lot of weight and it's making me miserable.  Lately I've been trying to cook healthier foods and I've been focusing on drinking more water throughout the day and with my meals. 

    Good luck and don't get discouraged!

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    I generally "pause" when I've eaten the portion that I think is appropriate.  Surprisingly, often I get distracted, and suddenly find that I am no longer hungry.

     I guess you could call me a foodie as well. I bought this book mainly because I liked the recipes and recommended wine pairings:

    I haven't really adhered to it strictly as a diet though, but on amazon, some readers have had pretty good results.

  • I also love to eat!  I am about 15 lbs heavier than when I married my DH a year and 6 months ago.  I have just started to try to lose it and have been using to keep track of everything.  This is free and I also double check the calorie count of items in websites like and I used to own one of the calorie count booklets. I also like that I can cut and paste my recipes into it and it will tell me how many calories, fat grams etc are in it.

    I like that everything is calculated for me, and everything is very mathematically based.  This is what I did initially to lose the weight when I got engaged (I lost about +15lbs).  Currently it is telling me I am mildly overweight by about 5 lbs.  

     I've lost 8 lbs in the last 4.5 weeks, so that's good start.  I wanted to start now and monitor myself over the next few weeks because I know I will eat TONS if I don't have a goal in mind. 

    I kept the weight off until 6 months after we got married last year (around the holidays) and it just sort of crept up on me from there.  The only way (personally) I can keep from stuffing my face is to give myself a calorie budget that I can't exceed for the day.

    I'm an accountant so I just have to think to myself, it's all calories in vs. calories out! 

     Other ideas to literally stop eating: take bubble baths, paint your nails, or even play the sims or something else that will keep you away from eating.  I always ask myself, "am I really hungry or do I just want something to do?"  Sometimes doing drinking a big glass of water and doing something fun, keeps the munchies away. 


    Good luck sweetie!


    I have always been overweight, going up and down like the seasons. I still struggle? but I try to stick to these strategies to keep on track. Basic rule of thumb is eliminating that moment when you think...........I?ll have one more bite/scoop/helping.

    1- Use smaller plates for main dishes( I bought cute square ones), and have a large salad on the side

    2- fill large plate with 50-30% veggies (I always cook veggies w/every meal)

    3- If you cook your meals, always plate it before..If DH wants more he can get his butt up from the table and get it =) If it?s in front of me...Ill grab more even if I have had enough.

    4- When eating out I try to always get a ?good for you salad? to fill up on and for main dish either ask for a box right way and box what I don't want to eat or put it on DH plate (he?s my human garbage disposal).

    Hope this helps =)


  • I was raised in a "You have to finish your plate" family and I really think that's why I allow myself to over eat. I have the mentality that my plate needs to be empty even if I'm full. I've started listening to my body. I eat slower and when I feel full, I stop eating. I will get up and put my plate/food away to keep me from mindless snacking and trying to finish the plate. DH has noticed a difference because he asks if everything is ok or if I'm not hungry. Once I explained what I was doing, he understood. Now if he could start doing the same thing : *insert sarcastic laugh*

  • oh and PS, I have tried to figured out the "why" and have failed to nail anything down. You can beat you head about it too but I wouldn't suggest it. I think it?s human nature to want to eat good food and a lot of it. I come from a family of eaters so its unfortunately instilled in DH family on the other had is not, and they are all thin. Everyone is different..but the good news is that you?re not alone and they are probably millions that are thinking the same thing you are.

  • I LOVE FOOD, however, I am tired of being fat. :) I know how does that go together. I have learn to make enough food for me and DH. I try not to make leftovers. I even portion all the food out make his first then mine. (I know it may sound crazy but I watch everything I put in my mouth.) I have been doing this for about 3 months now. I also write down everything I eat. If I do not know the calories for it I will not eat it. Since Feb. I have lost 36 pounds. Good Luck, you can do it!
  • I struggle a lot with self-control when it comes to food, also! A few years ago, I put on about 20 lbs after my then-bf, now-DH moved in together - we're both pretty bad about food cravings and indungling. We did Weight Watchers together, which taught me a LOT about portion control, healthy eating, and provided a lot of really delicious healthier recipes to try. I took the weight off pretty quickly with WW, and have done a pretty OK job of keeping it off (up and down a few lbs here and there). It's a whole new way of thinking about food and eating, so if you're looking for a program to help with that, it's a great way to do it. 

    Without the points program, these are helpful practices that I follow:

    -Automatically split your meal in half at a restaurant and either box half yourself or have them box the second half. 

    -At restaurants, avoid foods with trigger descriptions like sauteed, white or cream sauce, parmesan, braised, in favor of grilled, broiled, marinara.

    -Focus on your stomach, and stop when you get full.  

    -Take a drink of water between each bite.

    -Choose your indulgence - be really 'good' 6 nights a week, but go all out for one meal so that you don't feel entirely restricted from foods that you love. 

     As my mother used to tell me, we eat 20-25 meals a week. Not every one of them has to be absolutely delicious.  

  • Hey!!

     I put on weight too pretty quickly after getting married.  Finally I starting using Shakeology as a meal replacement shake and it has worked wonders.  All you do is replace one meal and eat your other two meals as usual with halthy nacking thoughout the day!

    This shake has decreased the bloated feeling, inreased my energy, and actually makes me want to eat healthier!!  Try it out.....go to ........ and if you want to save 25% just sign up as a Coach (you do not have to actually coach anyone!) but sign up fee is waived through 12/31 as a Promotional thing.  I love it! Works great!!

    There are tons of recipes for Shakes and the Chocolate tastes just like a Chocolate shake!!

    Good Luck and hopefully it helps you out!!

  • Thank you everyone for your responses!!! I really appreciate your kind words and wonderful ideas! I have really been keeping an eye on what I put in my mouth and asking myself if it's worth it.

    I also tried to get some motivation by looking at photos just before our wedding and thinking "I can be that size again, it is possible".

    It's good to hear that others struggle with this as well and there is support out there. So thank you again. :)

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