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AW- I finally invaded "that" part of the gym!

Seriously, it's ridiculous that it took me this long. I'm a little behind on NROL4W, so I finally did my third workout A of stage one. As some of you may remember, I used the smith machine for my first workout for squats. I knew I shouldn't have, but I was so intimidated. I was too embarrassed to make my way to the squat rack for my second workout A, so I did my squats at home and then went to the gym. I am such a wuss. Today the squat rack was empty and actually had bars on it ready to go at the right height. I did it! I went over like I owned the place and did my set!

All the other equipment I use is at the front of the gym except the squat rack. It's deep in man territory and usually has some man hanging off of it doing something crazy looking. I am glad I got that over with. I feel much more confident now!

I've gotten very good at my prone jackknife. I finished a set this morning and stood up to find a woman staring at me with her mouth hanging open. I was pretty proud of myself. She motioned to me as she was talking to the man she was working out with. I kind of felt like a badass. 

Re: AW- I finally invaded "that" part of the gym!

  • Yay!! That is such an awesome feeling...
  • Show those boys whose boss!  My college boyfriend was a weightlifter, so I got accustomed to the man zone real quick.  At rush hour, which I barely frequent the gym during, it can still be very intimidating!  I go at 8am when the man zone is practically empty, and it boosts my confidence to know I'm just as savvy to the equipment as them. 

    I hope you keep it up!  Yes

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