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menu help

im having a lia sophia party next friday. its at 7 PM and there are going to be about 12 people including myself. i promised wine, but i dont know what kind of foods to make. my MIL and her sisters will be there and about 6 of my girlfriends who are my age.

SIL is allergic to seafood and nuts and andy's aunt is allergic to MSG.

any ideas? i'm working that day so something that i can whip up quick or do the night before. im not doing Christmas cookies until next saturday, so i wont have those.

also, is it impersonal if i buy a box of like the mini quiche apps at costco?


Re: menu help

  • Do the quiche. No one will care. Everyone likes them.

    Also, I have an easy stuffed mushroom recipe if you want it, and also a VERY easy bruschetta recipe. If you want them I'll email them to you.
  • use the quiche.  Likes Ames said, people like them and they are easy. 

    18-carrot cupcakes would also be adorable and easy to do the night before...

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    Baked Apple Cinnamon Doughnuts
  • yes please!
  • The mini quiches are good. Trader Joe's also has tasty frozen apps, one of my friends entertains solely using food from TJ's. You can also easily whip something up with frozen puff pastry or the refrigerated pillsbury crescent rolls, just top the pastry with anything you want, like sausage and cheese, or sliced apples and cheese or tomatoes and mustard, etc. I do a lot with that, it looks really fancy but it's so easy.

    Here's my entertaining tag, a lot of my favorite recipes are just as easy as that. All of the tarts are based on the puff pastry/crescent roll dough idea, and some of the dips are quick but delicious.

  • As a LS advisor, we've been advised to tell our hostesses "Less is more." One goal of a hostess is to get guests to book off your show to increase your free jewelry and boost the advisors business.

    With that said, the quiche will be fine - then do a bowl of chips and dip, perhaps? And maybe a veggie platter?

    I've reached the point when I host open houses that I now do that bare minimum, guests always tend to bring something and people see how easy it is to host.

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