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One thing you're excited for

Since it's beyond slow here, tell me one thing you're excited for in the next week or two.


I start culinary school on Monday!

Re: One thing you're excited for

  • wooooo! get it, BRad!

     umm... i'm excited forrrr...... only working two 12 hour days this week? hahahaha 

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  • Woo for culinary school!

    I'm in such a crappy mood that I can't think of anything I'm excited for anytime soon.
  • Oh......I'm excited for you to start culinary school!  In my head it would be so much fun!  I'm excited to spend my first Christmas with DH. Last year I was in Holland for the holidays and poor DH was home alone with the dogs for 2 weeks. I can't wait to start making our own traditions!

  • Congrats Brad!! :)

    I'm excited for the holidays.. I love this time of year and the long weekends! :)
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  • Does 3 weeks count? I just have to get through this week and the next 2 and then I have 2 and a half off. Then it will be January and it will be time to go home and see our family and friends for all of the holidays.
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  • I'm excited for my birthday!  (which is technically next week since it is sunday but it is before the next work week so it counts)
  • Im excited for a couple of christmas parties going on in the next 2 weeks and celebrating 1 year of being in this house/
  • I'm excited for my bro's wedding this weekend, and heading to Hong Kong next Friday for 10 days with my H!
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    Finally...we are Mr. & Mrs.!!! WooHoo!!!

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