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XP: clean-eating/organic cookbook/mag rec needed

I don't have any personally, so don't know what's best.  The person I have for my work pollyanna cooks everything clean and/or organic.  I would like to get her either a cookbook or a magazine subscription. 

I know there is Clean-Eating Magazine - any subscribers on this board?  Thoughts?  Any other similar mags?

Are there any decent organic living/cooking magazines/cookbooks?  I am overwhelmed by the cookbook selection out there.


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Re: XP: clean-eating/organic cookbook/mag rec needed

  • Best organic living magazine hands down is Mother Earth News.  It's a little hippie but there's no better magazine for natural health, cooking, organic gardening, modern homesteading, and renewable energy.  I read every issue cover to cover.

    I like Vegetarian Times magazine for cooking too.  Simple, meatless recipes with lots of flavor.

    DH got me the Local Flavors cookbook by Deborah Madison (same author who did Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone) and I'm really loving that.  We also use Vegan with a Vegenance and several ethic cookbooks, especially Indian. There are tons of vegetarian meals in the standard Joy of Cooking, we're really enjoying the roasted acorn squash and butternut squash soup recipes from that.


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  • Lots of great recs - thank you!  Will spend some time perusing :)
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  • You're welcome!  If you don't already have The Joy of Cooking, you absolutely have to get it.  It's the defacto cookbook, and has everything.  Plus, since it was originally published years ago, every recipe has healthy, whole ingredients.  No "Spiced butternut squash soup" recipe where the first ingredient is "15 oz package butternut squash soup" and you just add a bunch of spices Indifferent  I **hate** when I come across recipes like that online!

    It's also really great for things that aren't recipes per se, like roasting a chicken, but you need some guidance on the prep steps and how much seasoning to use.

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  • I recommend Eating Well.  All recipes are from fresh ingredients, nothing is processed.  You can use organic if you like which I do and I like the articles (ie, where does our milk come from, etc.).  You can check out this mag online at  You can get a really good feel for it and they have TONS of recipes online too.

    I also get Clean Eating and I do like it but a lot of the recipes are blah for me and DH.  The articles and info is good though. 


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