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Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

Happy Monday!!!   (Happy Cyber Monday?)

Man, my weekend kicked my butt!  Hosting two separate days of Thanksgiving is a lot.  It was fun, and it was worth doing, but my oh my was it a lot to do!

Thursday I had friends over, it was a nice Thanksgiving day with everyone bringing food.  Friday was my family Thanksgiving - my sister and I cooked the bulk of the food, and it went great too.  Then Saturday my LS came over and we put up my fake Christmas tree....  and Sunday I finished putting my house back in order, and prepared turkey stuff for freezing.

It was a great weekend, but OMG am I tired!

How was your weekend?

Re: Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

  • We had a good weekend. We stayed in downtown Seattle Saturday so we could enjoy the city all dressed up for the holidays.

    I hardly worked at all last week so it was very hard to come in today. Plus I have a ton to do so I'd better get to it! Have a great day everyone.

  • i had an AMAZING weekend. since i got to work early on friday, i left early and got the weekend started on a good foot. i promised myself absolutely no working during the weekend and i succeeded. woooo!

    wednesday night we went to amber in belltown. they were having a pre-thanksgiving event with free food/drinks, and we had a GOOD (almost too good) time there. turns out my cousins bff, who i've known my entire life is the bartender there! yay special treatment! :)

    i had a pretty mellow thanksgiving since both my inlaws and my parents don't really care for the holiday (or the food), so we ended up joining a friends family for dinner, and that was great.

    then H went midnight shopping with some friends while i cuddled up my friend and her son watching christmas cartoons...until we passed out at 10pm. lol.

    friday we went to see the disney movie "tangled", and it was GOOD. we thoroughly enjoyed it...the rest of the weekend was just filled with friends, good food, and good times. this week will be hard!

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  • Happy Monday!

    It was a nice fun weekend on our homestead. I did Thanksgiving here and everything was great, then Friday I met up with my dad and we went to do a little black friday shopping/ snooping around. Saturday was a nice low key day for Dh and I just hanging around the house and relaxing. Then yesterday we went to get our tree and came home to get it set up and decorated. It was lots of fun though either way and i'm kind of sad to see the weekend gone already.

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  • My weekend was nice. I had to work on Friday.

    Saturday - I cleaned the house, went for a run, and met up with my parents for a couple of hours.

    Sunday - I went to a wedding. It was a really awkward one. I was surrounded by people who I worked with close to 10 years ago. Everyone recognized me, but a lot of people I didn't recognize. There was also an ex boyfriend there and H couldn't go with me because he had to work, so I took a good friend instead. There was also an issue with some relationship drama with the ex of a good friend and she was there with the guy she cheated on him with. So much drama, but I made the best of it and I am really happy for the couple that got married. I love them very much. Seeing them happy was worth the awkwardness.

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  • Happy Monday!

    I had a really good weekend...just wish it were longer.  Smile

    Thursday, we had dinner with some friends at their place.  I provided stuffing and pies.  Friday, we were lazy and stayed at home all day, just hanging out, playing games, and watching TV.  It was wonderful. 

    Saturday, we put up the Christmas tree, and then we went downtown to some other friends' apartment for a "post-Thanksgiving" meal.  There was so much yummy Asian food!!  They also reserved their apartment building's "movie theater" for all of us, which was fun.  Sunday, was another relatively lazy day with football and playing the Wii with DH.

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  • My computer broke (5th time in < 3 years!) so i had to spend hours at frys getting that sorted out and getting a loaner to borrow (extended warranties are good for folks with bad luck!) and failed to get pretty much anything done on my papers.

    Aside from that, though, i had a good, busy weekend filled with friends and family.  We also went to our 10 yr HS reunion (we graduated together) -- i hadn't expected people to change much, but i did expect them to have grown up more than they had.  It was fun, though, and free (we paid for drinks), so nothing lost :)


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