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Spice in your sex life...

How do you keep your sex life fun and interesting.  My husband and I have an eleven month old and although we still have sex several times a week we both want more passion and intensity like it was pre-baby.  Any advice?

Re: Spice in your sex life...

  •   Forget about being parents and concentrate on being lovers. 
  • The we vibe is great & so is the wedge cushion!
  • Get a babysitter or leave the little one with the in-laws for a weekend.  Get out of the house and get back to being adults instead of parents.  Hotel room, sexy clothes, a night out on the town -- it should work wonders.

     Or, porn.  Share fantasies.  Buy a new sex toy.  Talk filthy dirty to each other.  Have one of you tie the other one up.  Role-play where one of you picks up the other one in a bar for a "one-night stand."  The ideas are endless.

    Honestly, unless you're into some serious kink and have done nearly everything in the book, there are tons of ways to add "spice" to your sex life. 

  • Hotel, sexy clothes, night on the town, a great idea. We do that every couple of months, and it's great!! No kids, but we do like to get away from everything else, on occasion. var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_48765ee7b57440139030c3b6bd0f76c3(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); } FCTB_Init_48765ee7b57440139030c3b6bd0f76c3(document['FCTB_Init_fc332e41600d4651b2af8d0971b7df65']); delete document['FCTB_Init_fc332e41600d4651b2af8d0971b7df65']
  • Check out "Turn up the heat" by Kevin Leman. He's got some great suggestions and if you can get your husband to read it with you...that alone should spark a little passion. 
  • image SugarLoafButterCup:
    Role-play where one of you picks up the other one in a bar for a "one-night stand." 

     DH and I have recently been talking about how to spice things up (3 1/2 years of the same routine with little variety) and I think this is a great idea.


  • my hubby and i are open to each other on what we want to spice up our sex know sometimes you get used to each other and forget simple things that turns your partner on.reminding each other on how certain things he used to do to turn you on helps. remember the hot sex you once had, it can still be maintained. read about new ideas and try out new sex positions frequently
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