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PSA: Don't Drink and Drive

So, had a pretty cruddy Thanksgiving. The day itself was okay, but several of my friends passed away this past week.

First of all, (not related to my post title) was my 8th grade history teacher with whom I still kept in touch. He passed away Thanksgiving day due to a brain tumor he has been fighting for awhile.

Second of all 2 of my friends were in a car accident with two other people the day before Thanksgiving. The girl who was driving the car was thrown and is paralyzed from the neck down. Of her 3 passengers, one was thrown and passed away, and the two who were buckled in: one passed away and the other is okay (moderate injuries) and is now at home.

Just wanted to remind you all about the dangers of drinking and driving during the holiday season, so hoping your holidays are happy and safe ones. Not meaning to sound preachy, just want you ladies to know I like ya and want y'all to be safe and happy.


Re: PSA: Don't Drink and Drive

  • I am so sorry for your loss Sad  I'll definitely have you and their families in my thoughts and prayers.

    My friends are all excited that they have a permanent holiday DD (me!), we do this all the time anyways if we're going out although a lot of the time we just drink at one of our houses and have a sleep over to avoid the situation completely.  The holiday season is definitely bad for this and what sucks is even if you're being responsible all it takes is one person behind the wheel of another car to be drunk and run into you.  It's really sad and I don't understand why people still do it despite all the evidence that it's a terrible idea.

  • I completely agree, Christina. I don't understand being so drunk that you can't even walk to your car and you think you're okay to drive. And I couldn't agree more with what you said about why do people still do it despite it being an obviously terrible idea. I mean I enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage now and then, but if I'm out somewhere I always use a DD, whether I have one or twenty-one. That's the point of a DD: a responsible sober person.

    Oh well. Thanks for your T&P, though! Smile

  • I'm so sorry for your losses. I'm keeping you, them and their families in my thoughts.

    My sophomore year of college, one of my really good friends went out to a bar to celebrate a friend's birthday. She, and 3 other friends, called the college safety escort to pick them up.  As they were waiting on the sidewalk, a 19 year old drunk driver drove up onto the sidewalk, hit my friend and 2 others - killing my friend.  So, I know what you're going through.  I'm here if you ever need to talk.

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  • image D74LeadinLady:
    She, and 3 other friends, called the college safety escort to pick them up.  As they were waiting on the sidewalk, a 19 year old drunk driver drove up onto the sidewalk, hit my friend and 2 others - killing my friend. 

    Indifferent  And it just goes to show you what Christina said is true: it takes just one dumb person to ruin lives. Thanks a lot for the support, Jill. I appreciate it. Smile

  • That's crazy Jill!  It just blows my mind.  Joel went to college at SUNY Oswego here in NY and they had what they called "the drunk bus" which was a campus run bus that would go down to the bars every 15 minutes on Friday & Saturday nights so the students always had a way to and from.  This didn't help if they lived off campus, but I still thought it was brilliant.  We lived two blocks from downtown so we never had to worry about it because we would just walk but even so, as Jill's story proves you can be doing the right thing and all it takes is one person doing the wrong thing to funk it all up.
  • I'm so sorry for your losses. You're in my T&P's. What a terrible holiday weekend. :-(
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. I totally agree -- people are stupid. I see these types of things at work all the time and they make me so angry and sad.
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  • I am so sorry :(  My sister was almost killed by a repeat drunk driver when she was 17.  He didn't realize he got off the freeway and slammed in the side of the car she was in.  
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  • That is a very upsetting weekend.  I'm really sorry for your loss and I appreciate your post.  It's really scary how many drunk drivers are on the road.  Since I've been my friends and husband's DD for quite awhile now I've noticed that there are quite a lot of inebriated drivers crusing around late at night.  If you are going to get that smashed and can't get a safe ride, call a cab. Life is too short.Sad
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  • Thanks, girls. And to add icing to the cake, we get a call from MIL last night that Danny's great uncle passed away. I didn't know him, and Danny doesn't seem too upset about it (only saw him every other year at the family reunion), but it still sucks. I guess he had Alzheimer's and wasn't doing too well this past year either. Just gross all around.


    Thanks for all the love, support, T&P, girls! I appreciate it so much! 

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