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Just felt like my world was over..

This month has not been the best. You may remember I wrote a few weeks ago about my grandpa being in and out of the hospital...we found out today that the cause was a stroke.

Then my best friend was admitted to the hospital today with ulcerative colitis.

And then...this where I lost it...DH is usually home by 4:30. If he is ever past 4:30 he txt me and tells me he will be late. However, whenever he is going to be late he will be home by 5. Well it is almost 6pm and I had heard nothing from him. I called about 10 times, texted him everything. Around 5:45 I called my mom because it was very unusual. Of course between 5:15 and 5:45 I was basically screaming like I had lost everything and was crying uncontrollably. My mind just jumped to the worst.

Well DH FINALLY called and said he left his phone in the car at work. He was greeted on the phone with me crying and screaming "WHERE ARE YOU??" But for awhile....I really did not know what to do. I know he was only an hour and a half late but it was so usual that I freaked. Embarrassed


Re: Just felt like my world was over..

  • I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time.  Hoping things get better for you very soon!  Hang in there...and drink some wine... Smile
  • I get the same way, especially if it's unusual behavior for him not to call. Look at it this way, at least we care enough for our husband's to not be complacent about their well-being. I've seen lots of women who are at the point that they just don't really give a sh!t. Just give him a big hug and kiss and kindly ask him to remember your reaction the next time he accidentally leaves his phone in the car.
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  • I'm so sorry! Sometimes I swear that yeah, the universe IS out to get you; sending all my support....
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