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lo estrin haters??

Hi all....lurker/occasional poster here.....

Anyone else use lo estrin and have majorly out-of-whack periods? like, one that comes 2 weeks early, then spotting the next month? i've been on it for a year and thinking of giving it the boot (love everything about it besides unpredictability).  Officially haven't had one in 38 days and don't know if it's from pill being dumb, stress from school finals or...the other thing.... Yeah, will probably go to freaking rite-aid tomorrow after work. sigh.

Anyone have this problem with lo estrin???

 thanksssssss :))))



Re: lo estrin haters??

  • I did have that problem. I did not give it a whole year to start working, though. My periods were extremely painful when I was on lo estrin. So, that combined with how unpredictable my periods were made me give up one it after 4 months. I started using Seasonique. I've been on that for about a year and a half now, and I really love it.
  • i love every other aspect of it...not moody, no major weight gain..Still have lighter periods but they're just unpredictable and make me think i'm preggers every few months. sigh.
  • I'm glad it's at least not putting you in pain. I literally couldn't walk sometimes, it was so painful. I got started on birth control solely for the purpose of regulating my period, and lo estrin was the second one I tried (the first resulted in painful periods, but at least it kept me regular), so the unpredictability was not an option for me. I felt like I did before I got on the pill, but in more pain. I was not patient with letting that one work. I like that seasonique only gives me 4 periods a year. They are a tiny bit painful, but not anything Midol can't cure. My DH likes it, because I really am a grump during my period, so he doesn't have to experience my grumpy side nearly as often. :) Next time I go to the gyno, I'm going to try to sitch to Seasonale, the generic brand, because Seasonique is a little on the expensive side. We'll see how that goes.
  • I hated loestrin. I still got cramps every month and after I was on it for over a year, I stopped getting my periods (which made me, and DH who was then just my boyfriend, very nervous.)

    FYI - to fight cramps ladies, my trainer at the gym said to take a calcium pill everyday with a meal. I have to tell you, since I started doing so, and stopped taking BCP - no cramps!

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  • FYI - to fight cramps ladies, my trainer at the gym said to take a calcium pill everyday with a meal. I have to tell you, since I started doing so, and stopped taking BCP - no cramps!

    I take calcium and my cramps haven't been as bad as they use to be but I just assumed it was my period changing, not the calcium. Hm. Food for thought. (I'm not on BCP either.)

  • I was on Lo Estrin and had to be taken off of it.  Every other month my period would last for about 8 hours which was awesome.  But on the other months it would start on Thursday of my last week of active pills and then last the entire week of sugar pill and finally end on about Tuesday of the first week of active pills in the next pack. When I called the docs to tell them this they decided I needed to come in for an appointment.  They switched me to Lutera which I love.  It's also a low dose and I have had no problems with it.  

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  • I normally don't post here, but stumbled across this post and had to tell you I have had the same experiences.  I am either getting periods every 2 weeks that last 10 days or getting no periods at all.  My Dr. said to keep a spare pack and take a 2nd pill if I'm having break through bleeding, but to me that just defeats the purpose.  I don't want to have to worry about having tampons/pads every time I go out.  Also, I have Hashimoto's Disease and the BCP really screwed up my TSH.   I finally just stopped it 2 weeks ago.  FWIW, when I was missing periods I would freak out every time and I did some research and missed periods is very common on Loestrin.
  • I'm on lo estrin fe and my period is exactly the same shows up on wednesday and ends on friday, Its probably stress 
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  • I just remembered this, I had a friend who got pregnant on Lo estrin because the crazy periods also meant that the pill wasn't doing what it was supposed to.  She said her doc told her there had apparently been many cases (I don't know numbers) of women getting pregnant on it. 
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  • My compliant is that my OB/GYN prescribed me what seems to be a "trendy" BCP! 

    I've been on the pill for years and was on a higher hormone level BCP( Ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel) and thought it would be best to try something with a lower hormone dosage.  I trust my OB very much not to be a cookie cutter doc and trusted her decision to change me to loestrin fe.

    Within the last months I've noticed that my best friend, my mom, my little cousin, and just about every young woman I see in my practice as a nurse is on this BCP.   I feel as if I fell trap to the drug rep panhandling his choice drug to the doctor, and have less faith that my doctor thought this was a good choice for me, instead of the bonus she'd receive for prescribing all her patients loestrin.   I do not want to be a patient of someone that prescribes medicine in that way. 

    Call me a skeptic, but being a nurse I see that medicine isn't always about the patient (as it should be), its a business.  

  • I have been feeling the exact same way about my OB.  AND when I expressed my concerns about wanting to go off the pill he pressured me to stay on it by telling me to double up when I have break-through bleeding.  I'm glad to know I'm not alone in feeling this way.
  • One place I worked I swore the Doc got a kick back from a certain company because of the number of clients all on the same med. 

    I just went off the pill but I was on Luttera (also known as Aviane) and loved it.  It is a low dose and not very well known, every time I told a medical professional I was on it I had to tell them it was BC.  So definitely not a trend.

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