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Uncontrollable appetite

I'm not fat (I weigh 152 and I'm 5'4), but I do need to loose a little weight for my cholesterol levels (hereditary). I eat fairly healthy and I'm getting back into an exercise routine (I just moved.) I need some advice about portion control. I can eat and then be hungry again an hour later. I'm ALWAYS hungry. I've tried drinking h20, just about everything for appetite suppression and nothing. I even tried hydroxycut once and it just messed me up more. I've also tried the flex points on WW and it didn't work too well...I was going to my flex points too much.

Any advice? I want to get my appetite under control and it doesn't seem normal to always be hungry.  

Re: Uncontrollable appetite

  • 1. Are you eating enough? You can lose weight and eat 1400-1600 cal/day. Cutting below that is putting yourself through pain for no reason.

    2. Eat real food, in balance. Whole foods - fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, meats, seafood. Stuff your great-great grandma would recognize. Fibre and protein are what makes you full, with a bit of fat mixed in. If you're cutting out fat altogether, you'll never be full. Eating a complex carb and a protein with every meal combats hunger.

    3. If you're really doing everything right and you're starving, see your doctor. Wacky hormones can impact hunger. I would suspect that proper foods in proper portions will solve your problem.

  • Thanks. For more info I usually eat a bowl of high fiber cereal or a bagel with low fat cream cheese. For lunch I try to have a small salad and maybe a lean cusine or left overs. For snacks I have string cheese, laughing cow with whole grain crackers, etc. For dinner - it depends. Tonight I'm making a pot roast with egg noodles and some salad. I don't do fruit too much (just pineapple and maybe a smoothie from Jamaba Juice once in awhile.)
  • Are you consuming small, frequent meals throughout the day? I personally feel better when I consume a small meal or snack every 3-4 hrs throughout the day.  This can help to stabilize blood sugar levels keeping energy levels steadier and hunger at bay.  Also, protein and/or a little fat helps to enhance satiety, so incorporating a good source with each meal/snack can be helpful. The same thing goes for fiber, so increasing intake of fiber-rich foods can help.  Water incorporated into foods (like in soups or in fruit like watermelon) actually helps with satiety, too, while water alone (as a beverage) doesn't act in the same way.  Wish you the best!!!
  • Add fruit to your meals and snacks - apples, bananas, oranges - all very filling and good for you!

    Also make sure you're not just bored, Think, am I really hungry, or do I want something to do?

  • Maybe you are just thinking too much about it. I say relax and don't stress if you think about food you are going to make yourself hungry.
  • The next time you go to the doctor you might want to get your thyroid checked, maybe it could be that.
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