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Ft. Campbell, KY??

Anyone stationed or ever stationed at Ft. Campbell?  My husband got his "projected" orders today on AKO for Ft. Campbell which was his first choice.  Any experience or advice with this base??  TIA!!!
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Re: Ft. Campbell, KY??

  • Hi!

    I am originally from Grand Rapids too Smile and we are currently (kind of) in Nashville, TN. I go to Ft Campbell to access the exchange and commissary. But, I've never been stationed there myself. I think tarheelsandrebels was. You might try paging her.


  • I have visited Ft. Campbell and I have some Army friends stationed there. The base is nice. It's a lot bigger than what I was used to. My friends stationed there love it, especially because of its close proximity to Nashville.
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  • I hate to say this but I hated it, hated it, hated it.

    The base is crowded so avoid the commissary on payday. You might choke someone out if you walk in there for the first few days afterwards. The hospital is also crowded. Getting an appointment was never a fun experience. Housing is crappy although they are building new ones. If you can get in there, great. If not, live off post. There are alot of places for rent, especially houses.

    The mall sucks, shopping kinda sucks though they opened a Kohl's so that's cool. There is a new walmart in Oak Grove which is across the border in KY. Try to shop in KY if you can because the sales tax is cheaper there. The town likes to say they support the military and they do, if you consider being targeted for your money is supporting the military. Unfortch, Clarksville's economy revolves around the military. If they piss you off, they can make money on the next soldier's family so they don't really care. Unless it's housing. Last thing they want is to be on the do not rent list on post so that part will work in your favor.

    However, Nashville is awesome. Great malls, movie theaters, night life, jobs, etc. Also if you like nature, camping, etc it's a great area for that.

    So bottom line, Nashville good, Clarksville okay and Ft Campbell not so good. It was better than Ft. Sill. That much I'll say.


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  • We were at Campbell- my husband is a contractor and it was actually the first base he had ever been on.

    Honeycutt is a good place to start with rentals outside of base.  They will usually list houses by area and by what gate they are near.  Because the base is so large it is good to know what gate you are going in on a day to day basis.

    In the mornings the main gate takes forever to get through- at least it did when we were there.

    US Calvary is right outside the main gate and is good for uniforms, tailoring, sewing on of patches, haircuts, things of the like.

    The mexican place by the Kroger at Wilma Rudolph and 101st (I think it's 101st) is fabulous- hopefully it is still open.  It is run by a lady and her two kids.  Great food and even better service.

    I second shopping at the Wal-Mart in KY.  It is nicer than the Food Lion down Ft. Campbell blvd and nicer than the other Wal-Marts.  Also gas is usually a little bit cheaper in KY at times.

    That's all I can think of- good luck.

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