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Did I not respond to something you posted for me? If so it was unintentional b/c I have no clue what she's referring to below.?

(RE: 2Vt's "cranky" post)?


  • Not that I remember.  Let me go read the thread.
  • Nope, still not sure. 

    The only thing that is coming to mind is, a couple weeks ago, I posted something about McCain's health care plan and I really wanted to talk about it.  But as I learned later that day, it was the week every conservative flew the coop.  You were out, Pgh, and a few others. 

    I still want to talk about McCain's health care plan, but I was waiting for a day when I felt like focusing on it to repost to discuss.  Maybe not until next week though because I have stuff that I actually need to accomplish this week (as I say every day before I get sucked into the drama here).


  • So tomorrow then? Wink

    j/k whenever you have time is fine. ?

  • LOL!  I was going to post it today, but I forgot until mid morning, and then I had to go run errands.  Except I kept getting sucked into to other things and ended up being on here way too long.

    Tomorrow I have to clean the house and cook dinner for the 6 people coming over at night.  Thursday is the DMV (again, ugh), and Friday will be post debate spin day.

    I have no job, life should not be this complicated.

    Maybe tomorrow in between the cleaning. 

  • Tomorrow I have a huge project to finish so I might not be on frequently but I'll try. Thursday is better. Are you blocking out the whole day for the DMV?! And I agree on Friday being out. I have my fabric softener. I'm ready for the spin cycle.?

    Do you have specific questions or you just want conservatives to comment on his plan in general??

    I'm just asking so if I need to do research I can do it tonight instead of at my desk ...under the cloak of screensavers....

  • Thursday is probably going to be out.  I have to go get a smog check (some CA tree hugger rule) before I go to the DMV.   Then, the debate is on at like 5:00 here, so my whole day is shot. 

    Next week then. 

    In a nutshell, I want to talk about the deregulation portion.  I don't understand how it is good, only how it is bad.  The taxing of the employer benefits portion I understand, it's the dereg part that spoils the whole idea for me, so I want to try to understand it better. 

    OK, I need to go start cooking dinner now.

  • Gotcha. Enjoy your dinner!?
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