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Good Morning Lovely Ladies!!!!!

It's Tuesday and I have an ultrasound today - yippee!  Nothing special - just for Phillips - but I get to see the spudette and that makes me happy!!!'s my honey's it should be a fun day all around.

I am a bit tired though....I just don't get enough sleep.

What are you girls up to?

Re: Good Morning Lovely Ladies!!!!!

  • Just work today.  I need to make a cake tonight for a coworker's birthday, but I haven't decided what to make yet.

    I've got one class to teach today and a bunch of prep for upcoming classes. Hopefully I will get to go home at a better hour than yesterday.

  • Good Morning! I'm in a MUCH better mood today (than I was yesterday). DH and I had fun watching football last night and BBQ'ing (gotta take advantage of this weather while we can). Nothing exciting going on today, which means another night in with DH (yay!). Have a great day ladies!
  • Boy, Tuesdays always get me the worst. It always feels like it should at least be Wednesday!

    I am HATING the construction out on Coal Creek now that school is back in session. There seems to be traffic no matter how early, and yesterday afternoon they had it blocked up forever and backed up for miles. GRR! I can't wait until its done but that's a long way off.


  • Well its a wonderful tuesday!! I have work and then a certain nestie friend is dropping me a copy of my much needed Greys episode from last week and I am going to run home....sak out on the couch and watch it and all its glory! WOOO HOOO!!
  • Today is my monday... my alarm was hated this morning, lemme tell ya.  Mikayla has been fighting going to bed the last few nights even though she's exhausted - we think she's teething and she's NOT happy about it.

    Today after work we're going shopping for my MIL's birthday.  When she was asked what she wanted for a gift, she said, "furniture".  Uh... what are we made o' money???


  • good morning!

    I cannot describe how much better I'm feeling today! I went home early from work yesterday and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I just needed one more day of healing. I have a feeling I'm going to have this nasty cough for a while but I feel infinitely better!

    and I fit into my skinny work pants today. = D

    I think dh and I might have a date night tonight. thai food. mm.

  • Good morning!

     Between work and the move I have been so busy lately!  I didnt even get to nest at all yesterday =( 

    I'm going to try and squeeze some in today though if I can =)

    Have a good day everyone! 


    IG- I'm jealous of your U/S!

  • Working, perhaps hitting the gym, and then tonight DH and I are going on a date to try out Qdoba.  Hopefully it will be good =)
  • Good morning!  I am still recovering from the weekend, so I am tired.  I took a 2-hour nap yesterday just so I could be awake for our date night last night!  Today is catching up on housework and tonight is chorus rehearsal, which is getting less and less fun due to some internal politics :(  Hopefully we will be able to go to sleep a little early after that, since neither one of us bounces back from late nights the way we used to!
  • Good morning! I am a little tired this morning- we went to a charity auction last night and there was a lot of wine. Smile It was a great event though, and an honor to be a part of... And we had fun!

    Today is our wedding anniversary, so I think we're going to go to Canlis for dinner tonight, my fave! Then we have a special bottle of champagne we got while in Paris last year for our anniversary that I think we may open while we watch our wedding DVD (man am I a sap!).... Wow, I can't believe it's been two years already!!!

  • I took a personal day off work today to do a bunch of running around...medical stuff for dad, register DH's car (yes, he waited until the last minute!), lunch with friends, etc etc etc.....

    And I haven't even taken a shower yet Stick out tongue

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