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Cheer up poll

Stories in the media, life events, natural disasters and many other things are making me so depressed right now. anyone want to share some good news, funny stories, goofy jokes or positive ideas with me?


Re: Cheer up poll

  • Not so much contented as just blah.

    As for cheering up I find this picture funny:

    Snocone Cat

    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • That is so cute and funny. YAY, I laughed. THanks. Smile
  • I voted hopeful.  Love the cat pic, and I am not even a cat person!

    Ok here is a sort of funny story.  This weekend my friend and I took our dogs for a hike in Enniskerry.  My dog proceeded immediately to find the hugest puddle of mud possible and decided to cover herself in mud head to toe, going from golden yellow to swamp monster in all of a minute.  Like stuck her whole face into the mud multiple times. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing.  Her dog (much older and wiser than mine) was shocked at this display.  She then shook and we all got cmpletely muddy ourselves.  As we continued our hike, the other walkers/dogs/families avoided our dirty selves completely.  Luckily we could rinse off in the little river before getting back into the car. I think maybe you had to be there but we were in fits of laughter :)

  • I was slightly worried about the economy, etc. but just had a very good phonecall with DH and am uplifted again.  But I am very sleepy and would love a nap!

    Melaina, love the pic!

  • It's one of The Sun's viral photos this week....SnoCone cat inspired me to go out and get a blueraspberry & strawberry slushie at lunch.
    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • Cheer up Loopy! :) We all have slumps, we just have to find the way to break them. But just FYI, yesterday was a moon day and it makes a lot of people feel kind of...blah.
  • Thanks ladies. I think having my AF for the last 4 or so weeks has just knocked me for 6.....ugh.......*thinking happy non-homicidal thoughts* lol

    I'll keep looking at that cat pic if I feel glum. :)

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