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So we just hit the halfway mark.  I feel like I should be happier.  It feels like it has been forever since DH was home, and knowing that I have to endure even more time is killing me.  It doesn't help that my b-day is 2 days away and I'm alone in a new city - with a new (and very messy) house.  I'm also taking a full load of classes and working full time.  I have put too much on my plate, and all the stress is really just getting to me.  Okay- thanks for letting me vent - I feel better!
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Re: UGH!

  • i feel you!  as the weeks pass by, it seems like we're not getting any closer!  and with everything going on back home, though it's a lot, time is just dragging! 

    but, {{hugs}} to you because the first half is done and now all there are now are weeks to count down!  happy early birthday!  and hang in there!

  • I know exactly how you feel.  When I hit the halfway mark last week, I thought I would be excited- it was, after all, one of the milestones I was looking forward to.  But, much to my surprise I felt more overwhelmed than anything bc I still had as much ahead of me as I did behind me.

     The good news is, this week has been 100000x better!! Bc just like ^^ said, now we're on the downhill side!! And each week off seems like a bigger and bigger deal!! 

     Hang in there, it's coming quicker than it feels like it is!! 

    **The Lord takes broken pieces and by His love makes us whole**


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  • i felt like this when dh was gone, that i had taken on too much was going to fail. stick with it. it will keep you busy. chin up!
  • I think we have all felt this at some point. Hang in there, maybe slow things down if you can, cut back hours at work if possible, or take a day to yourself- maybe a spa day. I think the halfway mark can be a positive and negatitve. You are halfway done, and you still have another half  to go.I remember feeling the same way a few weeks ago.
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