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Hi Gals--

I had a minute to say HIIII so I figured I would. :) I got to sleep in a little this morning due to a dental appointment... so I'm enjoying my whole wheat waffles and coffee, then I gotta go wake up the monkey bonk and take him to grammas house!

I'm so glad this week is almost over!! Anyone have any plans for the weekend? This is the first weekend in a long time that we don't have any obligations. It's kind of nice. So Ryan suggested we go to dinner and a movie without munchkin, and so my mom offered to watch him for us. :) Yay for date night! We need it. Other than that... no plans! Probably just the usual Sunday stuff... laundry, cleaning, shopping. :)

I hope you have a great day!! 

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Re: TGTF!!

  • Good morning!

    You're in a great mood for having to start the day going to the dentist...but I really hate going to the dentist...

    My SIL and her boyfrend are coming in to town for the four-day weekend. We've actually never met him before, but I'm glad we get an opportunity to do so now just the four of us before we all head to my MIL's for Thanksgiving in two weeks!

    I'm working on my play for playwriting class/MFA applications and am desperately waiting to hear whether or not my thesis committee thinks my project is actually "defendable" next week. If they say yes, then I'll officially graduate this semester. If they say no, then they won't reschedule/reconsider it until Spring Semester, which pushes my graduation back yet again. So I'll be on pins and needles all weekend...

  • I just applied for graduation! Come on May 7th. It feels like this has been a long time coming!!!

     As for this weekend, we are going to two high school football games. My Alma Mater made it to the state playoffs, as did J's. We went to different high schools in the same county, so one game is tomorrow night and one is Saturday night.

    What I really want to be doing is going to see Corey Smith perform, but I don't think my sister would be very happy if I missed the game.

    Other than that this will be my last weekend off for a while. BSC CW goes on maternity leave the 26th so I will be working a lot more weekends.  Sad

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  • Good luck!! I hope it works out so you can graduate!
    Mr. & Mrs. O: Est. 6/27/2009, Jacob Ryan 3/3/2010, Owen Matthew 8/14/2012!
    :::In My Life, I've Loved You More:::

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  • Good morning!  I am putting my life back together after quals.  I sat down on Tuesday after dropping them off and spent nearly two hours going through all the papers and mail that had piled up.  I made myself a to-do list 30 items long but some of them are like "run statistics and finish up this project" so it's not like they'll be easy to get through.  Yesterday I tackled things like laundry.  Today I have to run errands in 9 different places, so I'm working up the energy to do that.
  • I will be deer hunting again this weekend unless my sister-in-law goes into labor!
  • We're heading to Savannah tomorrow morning for my best friend's wedding this weekend!
  • Friday I am going to a Lia Sophia jewelery party.

    Saturday we have a wedding. It will be Ayden's first one.

    Sunday the usual church, cleaning, grocery shopping


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  • Thankfully not much this weekend.  I'm picking up DH tomorrow night (he's been out of town for work all week) and we have a football game Saturday.  We have a bunch of errands to run, hopefully we can find a few gifts for my baby shower hostesses and get some other random stuff taken care of.  Might go see Due Date on Sunday afternoon.
  • This will be a work-filled weekend for me. I'm finally submitting my grant to three external reviewers next Friday so they can do a mock review scheduled for Monday the 29th, but I'm still not done with it. So I have a ton of work to do to get it in shape. I'll be spending the day tomorrow doing that, and Sunday will probably be cleaning house and more grant work. I guess you could say this weekend is all about grant work and grunt work.

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