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What do you think of Ft. Carson and Ft. Lewis?

We are starting to think about choices as we will be moving after this short deployment.  We are at Ft. Bragg right now and while staying here is an option, moving seems so much better.  I've heard both are nice as far as location, but was looking for more info.

Re: What do you think of Ft. Carson and Ft. Lewis?

  • Ft. Lewis is great and is the only base I've been on. McChord Air Force Base neighbors Ft. Lewis so sometimes going to McChord may be a convience.  There are plenty of towns, suburbs to live in. Traffic is horrible on Ft. Lewis though. Seattle is only 45 minutes away and Olympia is 20+ minutes away. There is always something to do and see in WA if not Oregon or Canada.
  • I love Fort Carson. We live on post in the jr. officer housing, which I really like, and I've heard most of the housing is pretty nice. You really can't beat Colorado Springs. Everything you need is here, and it is sunny all.the.time. This is our first duty station, and we're definitely spoiled. If you have any specific questions just page me here or email me at sherbieface at gmail dot com.
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  • My best friend is at Ft. Lewis. She loves it. Her only issue is that she's across country from her family.
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  • we want to eventually get to Ft. Lewis but we are at Ft. Carson now and we love it.   We live off base in Fountain, the houses in the area are nice and its nice that everything is pretty close by.   There is alot to do as well.
  • we were at ft carson for 2 months before DH deployed, and we loved it, absolutly georgous, sunny, nice people, so much to do, the base is the best, people kept saying to us "its a shame this is your first base b/c your going to be depressed when you get to the others, its the "best hometown in the army" many go there to retire colorado springs is a great place to live.
  • We are at Ft. Lewis right now we just moved up here a little over a month ago... I don't know much info about it yet. Altho DH keeps complaining about his unit and finance is so slow up here! we are still waiting for our moving money! Its so pretty up here... it doesn't rain everyday but its overcast alot and doesn't get humid at all! When i get more info i will page you! :)

  • My sister and husband were stationed at Ft. Lewis I have visited and we are trying to relocate there as well.  It is a very pretty/clean looking post.  Plus having Seattle close is nice. Big Smile
  • I'm another one currently in Colorado Springs. I enjoy the weather & scenery, and there are many places/'attractions' to visit. There's a lot of military here with Fort Carson, the USAFA, plus a couple AFBs. Fort Carson will be dealing with a large influx of soldiers/families in the near future; the total number of soldiers assigned to the post will significantly increase.
  • I've never been to Carson but my H was stationed there just before we met and he really really wanted to go back. In fact, when he gets out of the army, he's hoping we can move to that area. He loved the place.

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  • DH is stationed at Ft. Carson and I've actually lived in Colorado Springs for 11 years (met him out here).  What would you like to know?
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