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What do you do when...

you just can't seem to find time to write?  I know I just need to put something down on paper, but I have to keep my house clean (as in, spotless and practically not lived in because my landlord is currently being a jerk) and open enrollment at work is killing me. 

So what are your tips ladies?  How do you make yourself write when life seems to get in the way?

Re: What do you do when...

  • I've been following the nano word sprints on twitter. they're generally 10-30 minutes long. i find that when they say ok, you have 10 minutes to write as much as you can, i take the small challenge and forget about the big picture of 50k in 30 days. the little 10+ minute sprints have really added up for me, i was able to get close to caught up yesterday, about 3000 words.
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  • If I can squeeze in a little bit of time to write, then I'm happy.  Even if I only get 500 words.  I've also been using my lunch break.  Since Nano started, I've tried to get as much done as soon as I get home from work.  Then I spend the rest of the night writing.  My evening might be like this after I get home:

    Take dog outside

    Sort mail

    Change out of work clothes (put dirty clothes in hamper)

    Start dinner

    Vacuum while dinner cooks


    Clean up kitchen



    Pick up stuff before bed

    After I finish getting ready for work in the mornings, I wipe out my sink.  I always make our bed as soon as I get up.  That alone helps our room look neater.  My PJ's get folded and are laid on the bed to wait for the next night (unless they need washed).  I have class two nights a week, and I don't do anything on those nights.  DH knows not to make a huge mess in the kitchen, because I'm not cleaning it after 2.5 hours of class.

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  • I am finding myself doing a lot of writing at work on my lunch hour. I'm finally in a cube by myself and I just sort of zone out after scarfing down my lunch so I have more time to write!
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  • Like others I write on my lunch break. 

    I also get up 20 minutes earlier every morning and write while I wait for H to shower and get ready. Then we eat breakfast together and go to work.

    This might not be doable for you if you have to keep your place spotless, but I limit myself to one cleaning activity per night, and I never clean for more than 15 minutes. There's only two of us here though, so the place never gets too dirty, especially since we're not even here during the day.

    Another thing I do is cook a big dinner on Sunday and Monday and it lasts us until Friday. Not having to cook or clean up a load of dishes really helps productivity. I don't write on Fridays so I don't mind cooking.  

    I didn't get home until 8pm tonight and I still managed to get in over 2k words today. 

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