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Hello? (Hello...hello...hello...)

Wow, it's so empty in here, my subject line echoes!

Where the heck is everyone? What've you been up to? Give us all a rundown of what's keeping you so busy and away from J'09! And start posting so that when I need to procrastinate, I've got something to reply to Stick out tongue

And what's been keeping me busy...

(1) The long slow march to graduation... My thesis defense is scheduled for November 17. I have to bring my initial review packet to the library on November 10 and get my committee a complete working draft by November 5 (yes, tomorrow). After the defense, I have until December 3 to finalize the manuscript and submit it for publication. I'm also taking a playwriting class this semester, and the final project is a full length play (75-90 pages) which I'm writing right alongside my thesis.

(2) MFA applications... Yeah, I'm applying to grad school. Yes, AGAIN. The thing that makes an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) unique is, unlike an MA or MS, it's a terminal degree (like a PhD, MBA, JD, etc.). So I can be a full-time Professor with an MFA. I'm only applying to two programs, but both are VERY competitive, so I've got to make sure my applications are in top form.

(3) Getting back into theatre... I've been a theatre geek for almost my entire life. I'm volunteering with an organization that judges high school full-length non-musical performances for an educational theatre competition (I'm one of the judges). I'm also performing in a monologue festival, so I've got rehearsals for that.

(4) Trying to spend time with my husband + plan for the holidays... That one really doesn't need an explanation.

(5) Work! Even though I'm only working part time (20 hours/week), it's still a big drain on my energy and time.

Yeah, okay, I guess I see why I haven't been Nesting. So what's your excuse?


Re: Hello? (Hello...hello...hello...)

  • My excuse: work and their pesky policy about not being online during business hours. Pshaw!

    During lunch: I've either been eating with a co-worker (yup, finally socializing a bit) or working.  I've been writing mini-articles for a little extra cash and lunch is the perfect time to work on them!

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  • Work has been exceptionally boring in terms of actual work to do but filled with drama.  They have made a few team changes in the past few months and some of the people we are working with now are BSC.  Sooooo I am looking to get out.  I am hoping to stay with the company for benefits reasons but also keeping an eye out there for other possibilities.

    We have also decided that we will be moving closer to my family in the spring.  Our lease expires in Feb so I am trying to line up a position with my current company for that time frame and hope we don't end up paying double rent anywhere for too long.

    Family drama continues.  Now DH's grandmother (FIL's side) has decided that we are selfish for not making nice with MIL because she doesn't want to be questioned about it by people in the same town.  We have not involved her in any way so we are wondering why she can't just (honestly) say "I am not involved" and change the subject.  Then she said she wants to start giving pics to MIL.  We told her no but now we don't feel like we can trust her.  BIL has started to see the truth though and is a bit more understanding.

    Amelia is growning so fast.  She is rolling over, blowing bubbles and now has started to spit.  The funny part is that she spits (more like sputtering) and it feels funny, she starts laughing at herself.  She is extremely talkative and has a lot to say.  I finally found the camera piece I was missing so hopefully I can get pics up soon!

  • Work. Sad

    Still playing Catch up from being out 2 weeksish ago...

    And, I have a half day tomorrow, b/c I leave for vacation early Saturday...I have to be at the airport at 4 am...fun. I have to drop the kitty off...first time I'm ever boarding him (originally my dad was going to watch him), and also will be flying by myself for the first time. 

    Sadly, I'm not really even looking foward to vacation; but I'm hoping it will do me some good to get my mind off of things.

  • Work has been crazy busy lately -- we seem to have about a million different projects going on at once and a new person just started in our group -- should make things better but I'm not sure how its going to work out yet -- there is some drama with who is reporting to who, etc and I'm a little bitter about the fact that she's making more money, gets a better office, etc yet we are supposed to be on the same level.  I also didn't know anyhting about it until I found it she was hired which is frustrating because I feel like it was a big secret.  I haven't ever been a fan of my boss, now its just worse. 

    Other than that, all things baby have consumed us.  I've been reading baby books, trying to find a good daycare, finishing up the nursery, getting together addresses for baby showers, etc.  

    This past week I've been playing travel agent for my whole family trying to get everyone's flights booked for Jamaica for my cousin's destination wedding.  How I ended up coordinating everything I have no idea but thankfully all but my brother and one uncle have now booked so I'm done with that headache.  Basically its left me little time to get on here, update my blog, etc. 


    This is why I haven't posted in ages.  We've been super busy with home projects.  This one was soooo much work, but we love the results! 





  • This week I'm writing the qualifying exams for my doctorate.  One week, three papers (due Tuesday).  I'm trying to keep my nesting to a minimum, but allow myself on when I'm eating and call it a lunch break.  My break is almost over...
  • I'm still on field assignment, so I'm working 12 hour shifts as the site coordinator for a project in an industrial plant.  I got moved from a project in Amarillo to a project in New Orleans, so I'm happy to be in slightly warmer temperatures.

    I've worked these projects before, but never on such long assignments.  DH is so sad for me to be away :(

  • Work and the baby are keeping me busy.

    I've been working on a grant for over a year and its submission keeps getting postponed because my supervisors don't give me feedback until right before it's due and then tell me I need to do a ton of stuff such that I can't make the deadline. The Feb. deadline will be the 3rd deadline I try to make. Ugh.

    Then I also took on a part-time job for extra money and have been trying to get certified so I've been doing certification interviews too. On top of that, Alex has been sick (again) and wanting to be held all the time, which in turn, got me sick so I'm trying to recover as well.

    Oh, and DH and I have finally been doing more date nights, so that keeps us busy too.

  • I dont post all that much anyway but, We have now been in our new house for almost 2 months, and we still have rooms to paint and redo, we have done everything from new floors, take out a wall, paint every door, wall, and piece of trim in the house, new cabinets, new light fixtures, change every electrical switch in the house, now we are to painting our last few rooms, hanging curtains and wall decro and that kind of stuff..  and then work also takes quite a bit of time.

    Hopefully house remodel will be finished in the next few weeks.. and holiday rush will ensue! 

  • Baby is keeping me busy and our cable modem had been broken for the past 2 1/2 days. Scary how much I rely on the internet and when it isn't available I have to do other things. I did finish the book I've been reading though, so that was a positive.

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  • Hi everyone! I haven't popped in here in ages.

    I'm finishing up my MBA (graduation is Dec. 10th) and work has been busy as well. I spend most of my nest time on MM. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and having a few days off of work & school. DH has finished his documentary (it's been about 3 years in progress) and we are busy sending it out to festivals & distributors.

     Happy Fall! 

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