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Major screwup.

God I am physically ill over this. I'm taking an online nutrition class this semester and we have to do weekly attendance postings to a discussion forum. The syllabus clearly states that missing 2 postings will result in removal from the course due to violation of the attendance policy, no exceptions. I missed one a few weeks ago, totally forgot - my fault. I was 18 minutes late on one tonight. Again, totally 100% my fault. The part that sickens me is that I have an A in this class. If she kicks me, I'll automatically get an F. I'll have to wait and see if she actually does kick me, but the wait is going to suck. She's not a lenient professor AT ALL but I can't help but hope for a little pity. It's in the policy and I understand that but ugh.

The F will have serious consequences for my nursing program and I might have to wait another semester to get in. Being 6 months behind because of 18 minutes is causing me to have a mental breakdown right now. I feel like I've really failed myself and its just killing me. Crying



Re: Major screwup.

  • Eeeep. That doesn't sound fair at all. Beg, plead, send her pastries and wine... I really hope she doesn't stick to that policy. When will you know anything? 
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    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • Oh KB that's awful -- I really hope she doesnt stick to the letter of the policy. 
  • I'll just have to wait and see. We get zero feedback from her on the attendance postings (they're not even graded) so if I can't log in to the course at some point, I'll know. I'll probably ask her to make an exception, and I'll probably appeal to the dean if she refuses, but this whole thing still sucks. I'm so mad at myself.
  • Not that this has any bearing on your situation at all, but I teach an online course with a discussion component.  My students have to be there every week and if they miss it, they can try to make it up with a classmate.  If no one else missed/no one wants to make it up with you, tough noogs and you get a 0 for that week (your overall grade drops one letter).  If you miss too much of the discussion (ie come late or leave early), you have to make it up, too.

    My point is, maybe you can suggest a way to make it up?  Maybe even this way?  And, for what it's worth, I act like a real hardass about it but I ultimately just want the students to do it.  Maybe your teacher does, too.

  • Oh KB, that is awful. I hope she will be lenient with you. Maybe do as Lark suggested and see if you can somehow make it up? Also mamie's suggestion of pastries and wine couldn't hurt ; )

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  • KB - I'm so sorry! Sad Please keep us posted on what happens.

    And, not to be doom and gloom, but something to know -- I quit a job I was offered at an Online University because decisions like this one were not left up to the instructor. An administrative assistant for the University went through and could go above the instructor's head and pull students from the class. It was because of this policy that I quit the job. I doubt that it's true for every school and I fully believe you should try to contact the instructor, but understand that it may literally be out of her hands (in which case, yes, appealing to the Dean is a must).

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the professor is able and willing to be lenient with you!

  • Oh bummer KB....no good.  Can you claim a power outage or downed internet?  With the fact that you still made it on in the same day, only 18 minutes late, you may be able to get away with it.  Good luck, I'll cross my fingers for you!
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