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New Greenville Nestie

I've been a Greenville "knottie" for quite some time and now I've finally move over to the Nest (after being married for almost 4 months).  I live in Simpsonville and work in Greenville...  I love it here in the upstate!  And I am excited to have all of you as a resource! :)

Re: New Greenville Nestie

  • Welcome!

    What is your ChemE specialty? BTW your siggy is beautiful.

  • Welcome!!!  We're having a GTG December 3rd and we'd love for you to come.  Send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll get an invitation sent out to you!

    We live in the Five Forks area of Simpsonville, BTW.

  • LOL!! to echo the other ladies who posted before me, Welcome to the Greenville Nesties!!! Like MrsZ, My hubby and I also live in the 5 Forks area - and absolutely love it!!!
    We're definitely looking forward to the 12/3 GTG and would definitely like to have you join us!!

    Big Smile 

  • Hey girl!  Welcome to the other side!  Did the June board finally die?  I haven't been over there in forever.

    Your pictures look fantastic!!

  • WendyLoveapple:  I guess you could say my specialty is design.  I work for a Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm (EPC for short) in we design and build chemical plants. :)

    Lauren:  The June board is still thriving...but it's nothing that I have anything to add to.  They still do the siggy challenges, Janks complains about Georgia football (and being a Clemson alum, the only passion I have for Georgia football is that they lose!) :), and a lot of girls are talking about TTC or TTD.  And I'm not interested in either of those at this stage in my life. :)  How have you been??

  • Trash the Dress. Brides go do a photo shoot in dirty places or in water.  It seemed like a good idea...but I'd really only do it if the photographer were free since some offer that.  I don't know that I want to pay a large sum of money for a photo shoot like that.  I'd rather spend the money on boudoir pictures I think.
  • WOW I feel so old... I knew what TTD was a year ago when I was still a Knot hanger-on... now that I've been away from it for a while I had TOTALLY forgot!
  • Hey Ladies!

     I'm in the Greenville/Simpsonville area as well... Really close to five forks.  Some of you might be my neighbors! 

     Glad to know some of the Greenville gals are starting to do things together.  This board has always been super slow.

     I'll start checking back here more often since I know you all are here!



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