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Trip to the ER.

Our house has the flu or some sort of virus. Not at all very fun. Charlie has had many runny diapers and threw up once yesterday. The amount of runny nasty diapers have gone down and he hasn't thrown up since, but he isn't eating. Tonight for dinner around 6 or 7 (Dinner is normally at 5) I finally got him to eat some jello. He hasn't had as near as many wet diapers as he should have had today, but he has drank 3 or 4 sippys. I will be calling his doctor first thing in the morning to get him in. On top of that I noticed tonight that his right ear is red and he has had a terrible diaper rash. So bad even the prescription medicine that I have for it isn't helping much.

 Dh is as sick as a dog. Threw up a couple times and keeps running to the bathroom. This is since about 3-5 this morning. He is doing better and hasn't thrown up since before lunch time. Still hasn't had any solids. Trying to keep him hydrated and at least get jello and freezer pops in him.

I was up at 1 this morning, after getting to bed around 12, running to the bathroom and finding something to throw up in. This kept happening to about 8a.m. When I went to the ER. I know with the guys fluids are a must, but at this point I couldn't even keep water down. My Mom was nice enough to take me to the ER and Dad took Charlie to Church with him and my brother. 

After what seemed like forever being in there they finally got me hooked up to an IV. My blood pressure was elevated due to me being so dehydrated. Blood pressure went back down once I got some fluids in me. They wanted to listen for the baby and tried the doppler. About 15 minutes went by and they couldn't find the heart beat. I wasn't starting to worry LO kept kicking it. They were still concerned though so I got an ultrasound done. I have a little jumping bean in there. It was just a kicking and punching. Loved being able to see it. Saw the heart beat and heard it for about 30 seconds, LO kept moving away. It makes the pregnancy so much more real once you get to see your LO on ultrasound.

I am doing much better now since I got fluids in me and am able to keep them down. My lower back is killing me from throwing up so much, but better then it was. Got some medicine to help with the nausea. 

Tomorrow I will follow up with my doctor and Charlie will see his doctor and we will try and get Dh an appointment also.


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Re: Trip to the ER.

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