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How many ToT'ers did you get?


Re: How many ToT'ers did you get?

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    I would honestly guess we had around 600+.  We bought 6 big bags of candy from Costco (each had like 150 - 175 mini candy bars or M&Ms in them) - we just had to turn out our lights because we ran out of candy!!  There were literally lines from one house to the next since about 5.  I was warned since this is our first year in this house but it is insane!!  I really enjoyed seeing all the cute kids Smile 

    DAMN.. that's a lot of Trick or Treaters!!!  What area of town do you live in? 

    We're in Stapleton 


    We live in Stapleton.  This makes me reallllllyyyyy glad we went to my parents' in Brighton (kind of a tradition to do Halloween with them, plus my mom was going to be home alone for a while).  I would have gone crazy I think.

  • i went to my cousin's house to be their official candy giver, and there were about 30 kids in 45 mins. They live in a new devt here in and their neighborhood gets into the spirit of halloween which is fun. I cant wait to have halloween in our house next year:)
  • We had 93, which I was really happy about. I'm hoping one of these years we can hit 100. I had never lived in a neighborhood that got TOTers and I looooove it!!


  • We took the kids out at 6 and got back at 7. By then, we only had a handful. Then we turned out light off at 7:30 since it was bedtime.
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  • I didn't keep track, but probably 75 or 100.  Lots of BIG groups (like 6-8 kids each).  I had 2 big bags from Costco and have about 1/8 of a bag left (just enough for us to enjoy a little since I refused to open them before yesterday).
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  • 3. Our neighborhood is apparently super lame.
  • We were out with DS for the bulk of the ToTers in our neighborhood, so we only got about 10-15. 

    And holy crap...we only went to 10 houses (close neighbors and DH's boss) and DS has a TON of candy!  We had several folks give him a handful and then say "you're so cute!" and give him another handful. 

  • I would guesstimate about 150-200 kids?  We went through 5 HUGE bags of candy.  We're in SE Denver.
  • We had about 12-20, but a bunch of kids were running around the cul-de-sac while we were visiting the neighbors (so our house was dark), and I think we missed the peak of the ToT's.  No one came after 7:30.  We live in Lakewood. 
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  • zero Sad 

    We have to take the kids to town on Halloween or they go to their dad's.  They do have a trunk or treat at the elementary every year for the local kids that is nice and C went to that.

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  • I would guess about 75-100 - a very manageable amount, and maybe a little lower than last year (maybe because it was on a Sunday vs. a Saturday).

    I just kept commenting to dH that it makes me so happy because the kids and the parents with them have been so nice the two years we've lived here, and the kids are super polite.  We're in South Park Hill near Monaco and Colfax.

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