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Work Tomorrow :(

Oh, maternity leave, you were so very lovely while you lasted.  I haven't been to work since leaving my desk at noon that fateful day in April and ending up on bedrest.  I have no idea where my ID badge is, I can't remember any of my passwords, I haven't used anything but a diaper bag in ages, I have over 15,000 emails in my in-box, blech.  I am sooooo not looking forward to this.

I am going to bring Jane to daycare tomorrow at her normal start time (7:30) but I already told work that i'm not working a full day.  I haven't been apart from her for more than like 4 hours her entire life - I feel too bad for me and her to leave her with strangers, on day one, for 12 hours.

I asked DH when he thought I was going to cry and his answer was "you're taking her at 7:30, right?  Then, oh, 7:32".  Jerky.  

Sad :( 

Re: Work Tomorrow :(

  • I was just thinking about posting and asking you how you were feeling about going back.  I dread opening my email inbox after time off, so I will send lots of vibes your way for that... hopefully it's not too painful and the time goes by quickly!
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  • Can you just delete all your emails and start with a clean slate?  Just say "Oh, I didn't know.  I was busy having a baby."  Smile

    Good luck to you and Janie!  I'm sure things will be fine. 

  • You're going to be reading e-mails forever!

    I'd set up an auto-response that says, "I'm sorry, but I returned from maternity leave to six months of e-mail. I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks."

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  • I was thinking about you too tonight--I cried after 30 seconds--called an hour and half later to check on her and when I picked her up she was happily rocking away in one of the teachers arms--and it has gotten a little easier everyday!  Hope the morning goes smoothly and I would be worried if you didn't cry(my DH did--even though he hid it)
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  • For me, the lead up was when I cried. Once I got to work, I was busy and that helped so much. If you have a lot to do (like sorting through 15,000 emails) it does help keep your mind off it. Good luck and hang in there!
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  • I feel like a terrible mom, but I did not cry at all.  I was sad leaving her, but I was also kinda excited to go back to work since I had started to get a little bored being home, plus i knew she'd have fun at daycare.  Now she definitely has more fun at school than hanging out with me!  LOL...  It'll be hard in the beginning, but you'll settle into a routine quickly and you just kinda get used to it.
  • image Lisa and Mickey:
    For me, the lead up was when I cried. Once I got to work, I was busy and that helped so much. If you have a lot to do (like sorting through 15,000 emails) it does help keep your mind off it. Good luck and hang in there!

    Me too. I teared up in the car ride to day care.

    Good Luck Today! Stay busy. Good Idea of not putting in a whole day today!


  • I hope the drop off went smoothly and you're busy busy busy to keep your mind occupied.
  • I cried when I was getting her dressed and told DH that he lost the bet -  I cried way before 7:32.  So he could kind of tell I needed help and offered to come with me this morning :) 

    She did great - went right to her teacher.  I unpacked all her stuff and then we just kinda left (we had to catch a train!). 

    I just got an email from the director saying she's having a good morning - took a bottle and napped peacefully.  She woke up a little curious as to where she was but they brought her in to meet her new friends and she seemed happy. 

  • Awww, I'm a little late to the game. But hope you are surviving/have survived the day okay.

    The first week I went back to work I only worked half days. It was a nice way to ease back into that routine and not have to much anxiety about leaving your LO for so long all at once.

    It gets easier as time goes on.

    In fact today, after the weekend I've had, my mom made a comment about keeping Zac later and then took the comment back with a "oh, but then you wouldn't get to see him very much [today]" ... I kinda want to be like, hey, that's fine with me. A little Target/Hobby Lobby/JC Penny action isn't minded.

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  • Glad she is doing well at the daycare! I'm so glad I don't have to drop her off at daycare! My FIL is retired and loves to babysit miss June! Love it! Hope you have a nice evening with her tonight! :)
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