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Happy Halloween!

Whats everyone up to tonight?

Me and DH are hanging out at home watching scary movies and passing out candy. Hope everyone has a safe and fun time!


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Re: Happy Halloween!

  • Watching football while DH is sleeping (he works 3rd shift).  I have candy to give out & my lights on, but I'm usually lucky if I get 1 or 2 kids.  My niece was already here so I don't expect the doorbell ringing a lot tonight :(
  • We're heading over to the IL to have pizza w/ the kids before they go trick or treating.  Then DH and I are just going to hand out candy at home (but probably not to too many kids).

    I have a client coming at 8 p.m. for a fitting (yuck.) 


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  • Yeah ditto Mrs. Chicken on the football.  DH is a Steelers fan, his good friend is a Saints fan...and us wifeys in tow will politely pretend to care as the two of them enjoy friendly bantering.  Le sigh.
  • Hubs and I are watching Rocky Horror (he's not enjoying it, I am, especially after Glee last week!) - no passing out candy for us, we're mean :)
  • We're with family and I just made dinner.  Mom and I passed out candy to little kids and that was fun.


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  • DH and I successfully avoided all Halloween related activities. We visited our families this weekend, so we drove home today and have been watching football/ world series (DH is a HUGE Rangers fan). We don't have any candy, so hopefully no one comes.
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  • DH and I went to a party last night. We played a game called Telistrations, it was fun. Today we went over to my brother's and he made us and my parents dinner then DH, mom, dad, brother, brother's GF and I all played apples to apples.
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  • I passed out candy.  I think we got about 100-120 kids tonight!  It was great!

    Today is my birthday, we went out for dinner to celebrate last night so I could be home for trick or treaters tonight.  He made me a cake though, so we had some friends over to celebrate.

    All in all, it was a great day! 

  • This Halloween was particularly special because it was the first time that I passed out candy in our new home. Hubby watched football while I kept going back and forth to the door. We had over 90 treat-or-treaters in our neighborhood. At least I know how to prepare for next year! Hope everyone had a good one. 

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