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telling your preg...

When did you tell your family you were preg?

My H is deployed and just took a test this morning and it's positive! I am trying to find the perfect way of telling him but it's so unpredictable when he will call or e-mail. Any ideas?


Re: telling your preg...

  • Congrats!

    Mail him a Thanksgiving card that says "Father" on it somewhere :)



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  • image mrsredrox:


    Mail him a Thanksgiving card that says "Father" on it somewhere :)

    This is really cute!
  • I would definitely wait to tell family until you tell your DH. Even if it takes a month! I know he'll want to be first to know. 

    Do you guys ever skype? I know it's unpredictable when you'll hear from him but I would tell him when he can hear it from you. Not in a letter. BUT, I think it would be cute to make a package up with baby stuff for him, and send it off that way he'll already have heard from you via phone/skype and then that package will just be a surprise and will be so exciting because he'll want to go through it knowing that he'll soon have a daughter/son.  

    ETA: Congratulations by the way! So exciting!  

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  • First, Congratulations!!! So exciting!!

    And I agree with smiles. I think even if it means waiting for a few days/weeks, I would tell your hubby as close to "in person" as you can. I also like the idea of sending him a box of baby stuff for him to go through. Discuss with him when to tell the rest of your families and whether he wants you to tell his side or if he wants to do it himself. I know my DH didn't care who made the call to his folks, but I personally would have been devestated if he'd told my mom before I could, so that's really an indvidual thing I think.

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  • Wait until he calls or even better is on Skype.

    We told our parents right away, everyone else had to wait until we were out of the first trimester.

  • Thanks ladies! I am definitely waiting to tell anyone in our families/close friends until DH knows. Of course :) I love the idea of sending him stuff so I will probably send that out on Tuesday! Excellent Ideas :)
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