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I've got vampire marks on my neck

Had to get cortisone injections in my neck.  Now it looks like I got bite marks.  Hee Hee!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Re: I've got vampire marks on my neck

  • Ouchey!  Why did you need the injections?  If you don't mind me asking.  I've heard the shots are pretty painful, my mom used to get them in her hand.
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  • I hope they don't become bruises and look like hickeys!!!  Hope you feel better!
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  • I was in a car accident several months ago.  I've had bad neck pain, back pain, and headaches and the other treatments we've tried haven't helped enough.  This is the next step.  So far, my neck is feeling tons better so I hope it lasts. 

    Actually, there was no pain during the procedure at all.  I am absolutely terrified of needles and had my eyes closed the entire time but it didn't hurt and I managed to stay calm.  My Dr. is awesome and I totally trusted him.  They gave me a local anesthetic and then the 2 shots.  I felt pressure but no pain.  It is a little sore at the injection site and from what I read that is normal for up to a few days.  I've heard some folks say that they experienced pain but from my research if it is done correctly it shouldn't.

  • image InTheSun:
    I hope they don't become bruises and look like hickeys!!!  Hope you feel better!

    Ha Ha I didn't think about that.  In the spirit of Halloween I might tell people I got attacked by a zombie then.

  • Hope this does the trick and you have relief!
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  • I hope you feel better. Maybe you can tie it into a Halloween costume :)
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