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Need inspiration- trip over Christmas break

I want to plan a getaway over Christmas break.  It's sort of spontaneous, last minute decision to travel over the holidays. 

 Our budget-  top is $3000 but would prefer to keep it around $2000. I'd like our trip to be seven nights or so in length so our budget isn't huge. 

We aren't snow people so many areas are already zapped from our list.

Ideas I've come up with thus far are Spain, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Redwoods in CA, Portland/Oregon Coast. 

Any suggestions? 

image Best friends and sisters... 24 months and 16 months

Re: Need inspiration- trip over Christmas break

  • Is that budget for flight, hotel and everything you spend? If it's for anything more than flights, you can kiss Spain at peak travel time goodbye.

    I'd pick somewhere you can drive and spend the money on a hotel. 7 nights x anything over $100/night is already half your ideal budget. Vegas? I don't know how many people spend Christmas in Vegas, so you might get a decent hotel rate, and it's driving distance from you.

  • Flight and hotel.  I did price out Spain and it's doable.  I've been several times... DH has not been to Spain.

    I am also thinking about Moab.  We'll be in Arizona for Christmas and could drive on. It would be chilly but that would mean fewer tourists. 

    image Best friends and sisters... 24 months and 16 months
  • I think there can be show in Portland/Oregon coast around Christmas (but I've never been myself).  I think Spain would be lovely, although I think 7 days is a bit short, especially going there from the west coast.  It'll take me about 3 days just to get over jet-lag.  For me, I'd do a beach vacation in Mexico.
  • Have you thought about the North Rim of the Grand Canyon  Def chilly, but beautiful and probably very peaceful (ie not crowded) at Xmas!  Really beautiful and totally relaxing, IMO.

    Alternatively, if you're looking for warm-- I'd throw Costa Rica into the mix.  I haven't been myself, but many different sets of friends have given it rave reviews-- good value for money, plenty to do, not too far away.

    Happy Travels!

  • Puerto Rico in December will be out of your budget, for two plane tickets alone it will cost about $2,600. What about flying to Honolulu, the airfare would be about $1,700 which would still put you at the top of your budget but would be much cheaper than Puerto Rico. 
  • Christmas Markets in Germany.. I think you could do it in the upper end of your budget
  • I've heard it rains a lot in the winter on the North West Coast, so I'm not sure if that's where you want to go then.

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