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Anybody having bad allergy symptoms right now?

For two weeks I've had a tight chest/feel like I can't get a full, deep breath. I went to the doctor, thinking it was bronchitis, but he said there's no infection, and sent me home with an inhaler. Which, incidentally, I hate on principle. :)

Also, the inhaler doesn't seem to DO a damn thing. I'm wondering if it's allergies and someone else is having troubles too??

The allergy websites say nothing is 'high' right now, but I'm running out of ideas - you don't exactly get asthma or something overnight. 

Re: Anybody having bad allergy symptoms right now?

  • My allergies are bad right now too. 

    I will say though about the inhaler, the pulmonology standard of care for respiratory issues changed fairly recently (maybe 2 years ago that I remember hearing about it) and an inhaler is now what they recommend when you have a cough /difficulty breathing.  It's not like asthma that you would need to be on the inhaler long term, but coughs/respiratory illnesses can take a long time to heal, even over a month.

    I hope you feel better soon!  You could try something over the counter like Mucinx to help.

    My sweet boy
  • I've been using the inhaler per the Rx (as needed / or / every 4 hours) but it truly doesn't do anything. I still have tightness and a lack of full, deep breath.

    Misery. :(

    I don't think I am congested...I feel more...inflamed? More than anything. Both sinues and chest.

    It's misery. :(

  • For your sinuses, have you tried nasal irrigation at all?  After my ENT/allergist told me about I'm hooked and it really does help my chronic issues.
    My sweet boy
  • You mean like neti pot? :)

    I've tried...but it doesn't seem to help.

    Husband is convinced I have walking pnuemonia, but no fever. Just run down, tired, and can't breathe!

  • I don't use a neti pot, I use a bulb syringe and saline.  Not pleasant but helps if I do it regularly when I'm having issues.  I guess you could know whether it's allergies if allergy meds make it any better.  I hope you feel better soon!
    My sweet boy
  • Taking claritin and flonase, but can't take any of the decongestants...they make my heart race and freak me the hell out.

    I guess at this point all I can do is rest, and then go back to the doctor AGAIN early next week if need be.

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