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Question game

Okay this is a total steal off of the Sept 2010 board but I thought it was fun, and our board has been sooo slow lately.

Answer the question of the poster right above you and then create a new question for the next poster to answer.

Whats your favorite thing about fall?


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Re: Question game

  • My favorite thing about fall is how pretty the trees look when they change colors.

     What's for dinner tonight?

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  • Frozen pizza...Yum! ;-P I'm just kinda excited that DH and I have already decided on what to eat for dinner so early! :-D


    What are your plans for Halloween or just the weekend in general?

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  • Watching scary movies with DH on Sunday!

     What time do you normally have to wake up for work in the morning? 

  • 7:00

     Do you pack a lunch for work or go out for lunch? 

  • image alexilyse:

     Do you pack a lunch for work or go out for lunch? 

    I pack a lunch, usually leftovers from the night before with fruit.

    Whats your favorite color?


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  • Favorite color is yellow or teal....

    Do you have any secret hobbies? 

  • No hobbies. My life is work, school, and family

     What is your dream job?

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  • The one I interviewed for last week: technical marketing. I'm hoping that I get the job.

    What is your favorite tv show?

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  •  Oh, I love this game!

    Well it used to be LOST when it was on, but lately it's a tie between Fringe and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Completely different types of shows, I know, but I've been in love with them for years.

    If you could go anywhere in the world for one week, where would you go and why?

  • I would go to the U.S. Virgin Islands. (and am going at Christmas!)  I love to travel, however this is where my brother and sister in law are currently living with my 2 nieces whom I miss like crazy!  Hoping they move back to the states soon!


    Now that we have been married for awhile, what is your biggest pet peeve about DH?

  • Hmm how he doesn't help with stuff household chores (i.e dishes, picking, laundry) unless I ask him or somehow make him feel guilty about not doing it. He got spoiled this summer when I was home all the time!


    What is your least favorite household chore?

  • My least favorite household chore would have to be doing the dishes. We dont have a dishwasher in our current place. 

    Whats your favorite cocktail?


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  • I had this apple pie cocktail last weekend.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It was like I was drinking an apple pie.  Delicious!

    What do you find that you and DH spend more money on than you should each month?

  • Probably on the movies - we go like three times a month, and it ends up being a dinner and movies night every time, and then we buy large coke and popcorn.

    What do you call your DH at home - what are your nick names?

  • image aweilba:

    I had this apple pie cocktail last weekend.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It was like I was drinking an apple pie.  Delicious!

    What do you find that you and DH spend more money on than you should each month?

    I would have to say we spend more money than we should on eating out.  Sometimes it's just a lot easier to pick something up after work, or go run out together than planning out meals and making something when I get home from work.  Life is just too hectic sometimes.

    Have any pets?  Or want any?

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  • We do not have any pets for a couple of reasons:

    1.I live away a couple nights a week and DH often works long hours, so it wouldn't be fair.

    2. DH is allergic.

    3. We live in a condo that doesn't allow dogs.

     This may be too personal, but I am curious, how many pieces of lingerie do you own and do you actually use them? (don't need to tell specific details, but curious if they sit in a drawer and collect dust or actually serve a purpose)

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  • I have a few, but generally they just sit in the drawer.  I've never really gotten into it, nor has DH. But I definetly have certain bras and panties I wear when I'm feeling it.   

    I even bought something special for our wedding, but my MOH forgot my overnight bag at my parents.  Luckily my new SIL loaned me a beach coverup (she was staying at the same hotel) so I didn't have to do the walk of shame in my wedding dress. 

    What is your biggest fear?


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  • My biggest fear is heights. Snakes, spiders, I have them as pets, but I have a hard time going up on ladders.

    Have you started Christmas shopping? If not when are you going to start

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  • No Christmas shopping I usually wait until a couple of weekends before to get into it.

    I'm stealing e_jakiela 's question because it didn't get answered and I thought it was a cute one.

     What do you call DH at home - what are your nicknames? 

  • We're very simple...we call each other babe or baby. For whatever reason we never got into the nickname thing.


    What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

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  • We are going to my mom's house for dinner, then to my grandma's (biological dad's mom) for dessert and board games. Then staying up late with my older sis making a game plan to go Black Friday Shopping.

    Two Part question: How did you and your DH meet and were you a "couple" right away or start off as friends?

  • Very small this year, I will be hosting my H, and my mom and sisters.  My FIL passed away on Thanksgiving last year, so I don't mind it being a little get together.  It's my second time hosting anyways.


    What do you think you'll do for your first anniversary?

  • We will probably head away for a romantic weekend for our first anniversery, probably to Queenstown, get a massage, that kind of thing.  We like to go away and take some time out when we can.   Either that or we will renew our vows somewhere, it feels so far away at the moment, but I bet it creeps up really quickly!

    If money was no option, where would you take your DH for a surprise holiday?


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  • A trip around the world stopping in places like Tahiti, Egypt, and Africa!  I've always wanted to see all of those places.  


    How do you and DH spend a "normal" evening together?

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  • When DH gets home we usually have dinner, since I cook he does the dishes which works out great for us. Then we usually watch tv for a while then get ready for bed. I usually read for a while in bed while he checks in on facebook and stuff like that. We are pretty boring.

    What is one wedding present that you haven't used yet? Or haven't even opened yet?

  • We have not used our glass lemonade pitcher yet. We'll probably use it more next summer. Other then that every thing else we use all the time.

    What is one holiday tradition that you had as a child that you want to contintue with your husband. 


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