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Work vent (long)

I just need need to vent for a minute.

At work, we are required to have certain "tight" items posted in our classrooms.  These things include:  a class schedule, the objectives for the week, and our lesson book open on the desk.

Today my AP came into my room during my LA block.  She sat by my guided reading table and watched while I administered a group portion of a standardized test to 5 kids.  I asked her several times if there was anything in particular she wanted to see.  She said no, she was just doing a walkabout.

Before she left, she gave me a carbon copy of the observation form.  What does she put?  That my objectives and class schedule are not posted.  But they were posted!!!!  

This is the 2nd time an administrator has "dinged" me on an observation claiming something was missing.  But it wasn't.  They just didn't see it. 

 I get it if my AP didn't see it,  But I asked her if she needed to see anything.  I would think that would be the perfect time for her to say "I can't find your objectives or schedule".  I could then point her in the right direction. And if I didn't have it, I would have said so.  It's not like I could have whipped it up right then.

I'm irritated that I feel like I have to do all this stupid work for them.  It doesn't make me a better teacher.  My K students can't read the objectives!!!!  

**End vent***


Re: Work vent (long)

  • That sucks.  Working in schools we need to vent a lot!  My suggestions is document document document. Document when she came in, what you were doing, where your stuff was posted, etc.  Document which kids you were working with.  Was it an official observation or an informal one?  How long have you been at that school? Are you tenured?
  • The rest of my observation was positive (the part about actually teaching).  It was an informal observation and I am tenured so hopefully it won't be a big issue.  It's just frustrating to me. 

    I'll go talk to her on Monday and explain my frustration (after I've calmed down a bit).

  • That is totally annoying!  I am an administrator and whenever I do informal observations I check in with the teacher about the feedback before giving him/her a copy, keeping a copy and submitting a copy to the Principal.  All I can say is to make sure these certain requirements are always visible and especially for morons who don't take the time to look around. (Sorry if this is harsh. Your AP may be a very nice person!)

     On a side note, the obsession with objectives, etc. is to ensure students are able to say what they are learning and the assumption is that when objectives are posted, they are explained to students and that students can say what they are learning (and why) regardless of the age/grade.  I personally believe there shouldn't be any surprises or anything so with my staff we go over why the "requirements" are required, and we work together to learn how to implement them in the classroom.  Sorry this was your experience! It sucks with administrators are stupid, quick to find fault or lazy. :)  I work so hard to ensure I am not but work with plenty of admins who are.  Glad there were positives, too!

  • I had that happen twice last year during walk-through observations, and finally the third time I had a break in between my reading groups and actually went up and showed the principal where my lesson plans were (right next to the front board) , schedule was on the board, and objectives were posted in the same spot...amazing! Thankfully, I only get a copy of those walk throughs and it isn't a big deal. Although this is my 7th year of teaching, it is only my 3rd in VA and I'm in my last year before tenure. Hope you can get this cleared up easily. Glad to hear that some positives where thrown in as well. It is tough when little ones are the only ones giving you feedback most of the time!

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  • Sorry to hear about your frustrations.  It sounds as though overall your observation went well!  Congratulations!  

    As for the objectives and such, maybe this is a sign that you should post them somewhere else.  I know what you mean that you K students cannot read them anyway, but if this is the second time an admin has not seen them and wants to, maybe you want to make it a little more obvious.  Just a thought.

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  • Benmel - I did take it as a sign that maybe I need to post them in a more obvious place.  So I made a HUGE sign that says "Tight Items" (what my admin calls these objectives, lesson plans, schedule) and posted it on a new board by my desk.  I also rewrote my objectives so they are bigger.  Seriously if they can't see it after this, they need their eyes checked.


  • That makes sense!  Must be frustrating that you had to enlarge things to make it so obvious!  My other thought was when someone comes in to observe, instead of asking if they need anything, point out to them, "Please notice my tight items are over by my desk..."
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