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Any plans for the weekend?

The parentals are arriving on Monday for a week loooooooooooooooooong visit.  thank the Lord they are staying with my sister buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it is my sisters and her son's birthday next week and before I even knew that the parents were visiting I had told my sister the celebration would be at my house....crapp.... Have you figured it out yet that me and the parents....water and oil.... So since BDay dinner is at my house the guest list has grown and my hubs being extra anal, we have a lot of unfinished projects to finish around the house.  Also I volunteered to help tomorrow at a annual pumpkin patch and then I work on sunday.  Not sure if I will have much time for fun this weekend.   It will be busy that's for sure

Re: Any plans for the weekend?

  • Well, since I was sent home early from work today with a fever, my plan is to rest, get well, and do my best not to get the baby sick.  MH is off this weekend, so I fully expect some pampering!!

    Other than that, we need to get the pumpkins carved.  :) 

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  • What do you do as a volunteer at a pumpkin patch? Serve drinks? We're going to The Farm this weekend. I think I'll be drinking hot coffee and wondering why we're out there in the rain.

    Good luck getting everything in order for your party. If you don't have the best time with your parents, it's probably good to have a bigger guest list.... then, you'll be so-o-o-o busy helping all of the guests that you can't get cornered.

    We have a long list of party prep that we need to do this weekend to get ready for our Halloween party next weekend. I'm not feeling motivated to clean and organize. I need to know the secret. Other people seem excited to get things like that done. I'm more excited to go shop for decor and treats.

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  • I was planning on going to the lab at school to study a bit but Obama is in town. He's speaking at an event before the MN Gophers play so traffic is going to be a nightmare. Oh well... nice excuse to stay home.
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  • The pumpkin patch was a success.  It's a fundraiser for the UH at Maui campus agriculture department.  They needed volunteers to cut the pumpkins off the vine for the public and also run the registers and clean up.  I went but there were so many helpers that there wasn't much for me to do, so I hung out with my sister.  The Students grow and maintain the crops and then they have a huge sale after it's harvested.  The next sale is for the poinsettias in December.  
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