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watching Food Inc.

I'm so disgusted right now. The way that the animals and humans in the industry are treated is appalling. I have no words for how sad this whole movie makes me.

I've been slowly moving over to more local and organic foods. Plan on making a bigger push for that now. Its hard being a poor graduate student and eating more responsible food though.

Re: watching Food Inc.

  • Do you eat a lot of meat now?  Its not so bad if you cut back to eating meat 2-3x/week. 
  • image kass11:
    Do you eat a lot of meat now?  Its not so bad if you cut back to eating meat 2-3x/week. 

    This is what we do as well.

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  • I only cook about 2 meals a week for dinners and then eat the left overs the rest of the week. So I do eat meat most days but not in large quantities. Kind of like eating it 2-3x/week right?

    There's a local co-op that I haven't tried yet. After seeing that I'm going to head over there and price out what I can afford.

  • I still can't figure out why those farmers that spend three times more than they make keep their farms.
  • lol- good movie- all friends and family received a copy of it with their Christmas gifts last year... not sure they watched it though!
  • You don't have to stop eating meat or feel guilty about eating meat, just be conscious about where you're getting it... Buying local and natural supports a farmer who could use your business to keep up his great choice to stay all natural. Try looking for places with:


  • If you have the freezer space, and you can afford a bigger cost upfront, it can sometimes be more economical to buy a whole/half/quarter of a pig/cow, etc. You have to pay a couple hundred bucks up front, but it may be cheaper per pound, especially for things like steaks, roasts, bacon, chops...
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  • Great film. I got my husband to watch it and be more conscientious by watching it myself. He wanted to know what I was watching, so he came over and finished it with me.
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