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undies - clicky poll!

i was doing laundry on Monday and realized (again) how worn and sad a lot of my underwear is Embarrassed  i think we've had a poll on this in the past, but i figure we were about due for another one.  without further ado...


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Re: undies - clicky poll!

  • I love that you called it an algorithm :) 

    Mine criteria is mostly elastic or hole in them, unless they are uncomfortable - then I will find any reasonable excuse to toss them. :)

  • Broken/useless elastic, hole, or purchase of new pairs are the only reasons I get rid of undies.

    I have a mid-size drawer packed full and it never gets to the empty stage, even during super-long laundry breaks.  When I buy new pairs, I take the same number from the bottom of the drawer (reasoning = those are the least worn) and toss them to make room.  Does that count as an algorithm?  Am I fancy and I don't even know it?! Big Smile

  • I'll buy new ones if there's a really good sale going on, and the underwear is the good kind.  In Canada, La Senza has these sales every so often (like 5 for 25 or something), and sometimes super soft ones, seamless ones, or some other good kind are included in that sale, and I will stock up.
  • Storm pretend the icon is special snowflakes Storm

    I love buying fancy panties. I have 100s, so there is no way to say that I keep them for X amount of time. I can't say that I throw them away at the end of a year, b/c some are only worn once a year. I toss them when they don't look so fancy anymore... or, I get bored with them.

    Do people really get holes in underwear? How does that happen?

    Newlyweds since 2007
  • image Surfinbride:

    Do people really get holes in underwear? How does that happen?

    If the lace is delicate, sometimes it'll tear and form a hole.  I don't hand-wash anything so the machine takes its toll after a while!

  • Mine will get them on the seam sometimes from wear and tear of the washer.  I don't wash anything on delicate either.  I think it's also where I've ripped the tag out on some of them - that seam is the one that seems to rip.
  • image mrsdarling:

    Does that count as an algorithm?  Am I fancy and I don't even know it?! Big Smile

     Sure does :)

    "an algorithm ...is an effective method for solving a problem expressed as a finite sequence of steps" 


  • I have a sick problem with Victorias Secret.  I am obsessed with their underwear.  Up until recently, I would replace my undies (or just add to the collection) every time I went to the USA, which was about 4-5 times a year. They just opened a store at the West Edmonton Mall in August so now I can buy them any time I want!  Whoohoo!
  • LOL....I have a current pair of panties that is holding on to dear life.  The side seem is completely gone and all that is holding it together is the waist band....they are my bedtime panties :) it drives the hubs crazy, until he coughs up the bucks to buy me some new ones he's just going to have to deal.....

    I just had an AAAA HA moment....maybe these panties are the reason I'm not getting knocked up yet....nah :) LOL

  • I also have some kind of obsession with VS panties. I love, love, love them and have never run out due to laundry. I do try to make a point to go through them about once a year or so to toss ones that have holes (lace ones) or have faded (cotton ones).
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