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Does $700 billion

scare the sh*t out of you?

I feel like I just can't wrap my head around that number.

Re: Does $700 billion

  • I would like to know the FICA score of the companies who are going to receive this money..  I cant get 700 dollars without someone checking mine.

  • I keep saying 700 million because billion just seems insane.
  • I read an online article yesturday that said "to think of this amount like 12 X's what Bill Gates is worth" so to me this is scary. Was Bill Gates not the richest man in the US for some time?
  • I feel the same way. I cant grasp a number that large.

    In my job I deal with people's homes that are sometime worth 1-3mil and I can barely grasp that

    David John 4.19.01
    Jonathan Dean 4.5.08
    Anna Capri 5.4.11
  • might as well just be 1 trillion.
  • I feel like I am going through the stages of grief while I watch the debate about this package..

    Denial .. $700 billion -- no that can't be the number..although I don't understand $700 million any better..My brother owes me $700 and I'm not cool with that.

    Anger.. (I think I'm stuck here..)

  • Yes! Its insane!

    Ryan and I were talking about this last night. On the news it sounds so casual when they discuss it, like they're talking about 20 bucks!


    Zachary Ryan - 1/13/08 - 6lbs 15oz, 20.5 inches
    Lilia Rose - 5/11/10 - 8lbs 6oz, 21 inches
  • At my current salary, I would have to work for 14 MILLION years to make $700 billion.  Absolutely crazy.
  • ditto bef.  it's too much to wrap my mind around.
  • Makes you wonder how this compares to the dollars spent fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I heard on NPR yesterday that we are currently spending $10 billion a month (with a B, per MONTH!) in the Middle East.  Now I'm sure that there have been higher and lower months of spending, especially during that "Shock and Awe" period in Iraq. 

    It makes you think if we hadn't been over there for the extended amount of time we have been, that maybe Congress wouldn't be "scrambling" to create a bailout package. 

  • imagexmasbabyjoy:

    scare the sh*t out of you?

    I feel like I just can't wrap my head around that number.


    I think it's great - especially as social security is going to go belly up and we'll all spend our old age living in cardboard boxes if we are unable to save up the $2,000,0000 plus dollars that they say our generation will need to survive retirement comfortably.

    Guess we'd better resign ourselves to working into our 80s at this rate.


  • What irks/enrages me the most is the crisis has been looming?  People have been losing their homes, the cost of goods has been rising like crazy, businesses have been changing to 4 day work weeks to deal with gas prices, the outlook for business has not been great, and with a week before Congress breaks to go campaign..a 2 1/2 proposal has to be passed ..

    $700 billion should equal more than 2 1/2 pages.. just my thinking maybe I'm off base.  My expense reports for toner and assorted office supplies are longer than 2 1/2 pages

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