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what do you write in a wedding card?

Do you have a go-to phrase that you write in a wedding congrats card (specifically for someone you don't know very well)?

We're going to Ben's coworker's wedding tomorrow and I'm trying to write in the card I bought them right now...I don't really know the couple very well so I'm googling "wedding card message" recommendations lol. Currently I'm mulling over something along the lines of "Wishing you love, luck and laughter - congratulations to you both!" or something similar.

What do you normally write?

Re: what do you write in a wedding card?

  • some options: / combos to pick and choose from.

    Congratulations on this special day.  /

    We are so happy to celebrate this special day with you.  (may not be true, but oh well)    /

    Thank you for inviting us to witness this important day in your lives.  We wish you the happiest of marriages - one filled with love, laughter, and life.  We pray that your marriage will be continuously enriched by the peace of  companionship, the joy of family, and the contentment of growing together in love.    /

    We pray that today is the beginning of a wonderful new life together. 


    eek...  prosaic, trite....  sorry!  the best i can think of right now.

  • If it's a couple I don't know well, I generally stick with the generic messages of congratulations and best wishes.  Sorry, I'm not much help :P

  • I'm not much help, I usually just write "Best wishes."  What you wrote is great.  :)
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  • If it's a couple I don't know very well, I just write "Congratulations - wishing you the happiest of marriages!" or something along those lines.

    I figure these people are going to be reading about 268 cards that all say the same thing, so if we're not close to them, there's no way they're going to remember exactly what I wrote.  No point stressing over it.

  • I usually write something like "Wishing you much love and happiness." But I really like what you said: "Wishing you love, luck, and laughter." I might have to steal that from you next time. :)
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  • Thanks all! I ended up going a variation of the "love, luck and laughter" one that I originally posted (how sad is it that I only wrote the card last night and already can't remember what I put in it?). Good point about them having so many cards to read - hopefully if they think mine is lame, they won't remember who wrote it lol!
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