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I've got Thanksgiving on my mind

Besides Christmas decorations, lots of stores here have Thanksgiving and harvest themed items.  So it got us thinking about Thanksgiving and should we host dinner at our new home this yr.

Honestly, I don't think we will because we are not quite finished decorating and are not totally moving in yet.  The house looks great actually, but it is still not at the point where I''m ready to host.  I know that is not the focus of Thanksgiving, but I'd like to make our family/guests as well as ourselves comfortable.

What are your Thanksgiving plans, if any?  Are you hosting?  

Re: I've got Thanksgiving on my mind

  • maybe....  i love making Thanksgiving dinner, it's the one time of year i really enjoy cooking.  but i wish we actually had a dining table that sat more than 4.  we really have no family here in LA, so it would be friends coming over who also have no family here.

    we might go to SF and visit friends instead... invite ourselves to their thanksgiving dinner.


  • My mom's coming again this year and so we'll have it at my house, and I'll be able to help some since I won't be 3 wks post partum!  She came Wed-Sat and then went Sun to cook for my grandmother. 


  • I'm hosting, but it'll just be us, my MIL and FIL, and my sister.  I've hosted the past few years and really enjoy it.  It'll  be slightly more stressful this year with the little guy, but I know everyone will help!
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  • Nothing. Sad Every once in a while I'll do a Thanksgiving here, but I just don't think it will happen this year with the boys and all...maybe next year?
  • My family does a big Thanksgiving at my Dad's house, but I live too far away to join them.  It was funny... I usually visit Dad in the summer, and this year I said "Hey, maybe I should come for Thanksgiving instead!" and he said "No, it's more fun when you visit in the summer."  So much for spending the holiday with family. Stick out tongue

    Eventually I'd like to move closer, and then I definitely want to host either Thanksgiving or Christmas at our house if we have the space.  If my siblings would quit getting married and having kids, it would be so much easier!

  • We always host at our house as we can't travel over the holidays since we both work on Friday since the market is open :(  BUT we always have my BIL, SIL and their kids over and this year my parents might be coming down from Kansas City so we will see.

    I love hosting Thanksgiving dinner, it's the only time I like to cook!  Stick out tongue  Now I'm hungry...

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  • I get to have 2 Thanksgivings b/c Canada's was just this past weekend!  Smile  We went back to Vancouver to my parent's house, but I actually ended up doing all the cooking b/c my sister was working, and my mom can't make Thanksgiving food (she'd put soy sauce in everything, no joke).

    For American TG, we'll have a dinner a week before with L's friends from grad school, and maybe drive up to Vancouver to see my family since it's a long weekend.

    My parents are Japanese, and L's are Australian so it's never been a major holiday for either of us growing up.  I love cooking though, so I would be thrilled to host dinner one year if we could get the IL's and my family in the same place for once.


  • No idea.  I'm hoping to con....erm, I mean talk....MH into going down to Beth's (eclaire).  We'll see if he goes for it.  If not, I'm guessing I'll do something low key probably with just the 2 of us, maybe my parents.
  • We're headed to Las Vegas to see my DH's dad and stepmom. We'll be there from the 23-26. It'll be their first time meeting Libby, who will be 10 months old on November 25.  I turn 36 the day before. 

    I am very nervous given the history I have with his dad...some of you might remember...in a nutshell he said some awful things about me which led to me not interacting with them for a very long time.  I haven't seen them in years and then, it was only for a 45 minute breakfast in a very busy restaurant.  So yeah, staying 3 nights in their home will be nervewracking to say the least.  I am putting on my big girl panties for J and Libby. We have agreed that if things get weird, we'll be hightailing it to a hotel...no matter the cost!  I am hoping everyone will just be on their best behavior and we can all get along, if only on a very perfunctory level.

    We'll be home that Friday and "do Thanksgiving" with my mom then.

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