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Because its fun to torture myself...

A confirmed case of whooping cough/pertussis came in to our ER today.  I've seen the JLo commerical and its just awful...listening to the baby cough and struggle to breathe.

So, natrually, I'm googling and watching other videos.

I can't imagine having to watch your child go through this.


Re: Because its fun to torture myself...

  • Totally Agree!  It drives me bonkers that people don't vaccinate for THIS reason or THAT it people!
  • Exactly what I have been saying for a year.  I was P!SSED when Mara had it...and she THAT cough for EIGHT WEEKS

    **Crunchy Mama to three girlies and one little guy**

    *P 9.2005 * B 11.2007 * M 6.2009 * J 11.2011*
  • I have to get on a Z Pac because 3 kids in one of my classes are confirmed with it.  
  • Wait. JLo's not in that commercial, is she? I have to mute the tv when that commercial comes on. It sounds horrendous!
  • I had it two years ago and would pass out from coughing so hard. With how horrible I felt, I can't imagine letting a little kid/baby go through that. Seriously some of the worst pain ever mixed with not being able to breathe cause I was coughing so hard. I got my shot for it a couple weeks ago. A friend of mine wasn't going to give her baby any shots and then she remembered how horrible I sounded and how long the cough lasted. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
    Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.
  • My BF's DD almost died from that at 2wks old, because her douchebag dad brought it home. It was horrifying to watch, esp having a new baby myself. Needless to say, both girls are vaccinated.

    I get really pissed when I hear of a parent that didn't vaccinate, and they justify it by saying there is a herd immunity. NOT IF PEOPLE LIKE YOU CONTINUE TO NOT VACCINATE YOUR KIDS, DIPSHIT!


    photos by jennied photography

    Alissa Jean

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