March 2009 Weddings
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Today is a new day and therefore a new Europe post day.

Today it's exactly one week until we fly out.  Well, one week and about 4 hours. 

I think I'm over my freaking out from yesterday and today I am very, very, very, very, very, very, excited.... I can't believe it's this close.

We'll see what tomorrow brings - nerves or excitement or impatience or all of the above or something else.

March 09 Siggy Challenge image Melting Snow... because it means that spring is actually on the way and it's not snowing or cold.

Re: Today is a new day and therefore a new Europe post day.

  • HA you are funny!  :)  I can't wait to see your post the day before you leave!  You think you are excited now, sheesh!!  Lol!
  • I vote for panic the day before you leave, not excitement. You are going to check your passports a bazillion times, repack all your bags twice, and then walk around saying "I know I forgot something. I know I forgot something." The minute your butt hits the plane seat, THEN you will go back to excitement!!

    OH!! Before I forget- get the addresses and phone numbers of the hotels in London and Amsterdam. You may need them on the VISA forms. I know the UK all you have to do is put your name, passport #, "residence" (aka hotel), and how long you are staying. You fill it in on the plane to save time, and hand it to the passport dude in the passport line. It is so handy to have the info in your purse ready to go. Then you can sit back and watch the other passengers panic when they realize they need the street address and hotel phone number and it's packed away in their suitcase... Wink

    You might not need them heading into Amsterdam since you are arriving from the UK, but better to have it than not, just in case. I come in the resident's line so I can't remember if they require one or not for non-residents.

    You won't need them for the other places because you are traveling within Schengen countries (borderless Europe). No passport control, no country border lines, no hassle. Woo hoo!

    Oh, and they penciled us in for the 10th for birth. So looks like the 9th is my only free day. I am so nervous I am going to go into spontaneous labor on the 8th or 9th though. I told Jos, worse case we just drag you guys up here to the house for dinner so at least I can meet you in person! I can cook authentic Dutch food. No, really, I can. Drives the MIL nuts because my stamppot is better than her stamppot!

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