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Pet Peeves

What are some of yours?  I am in a highly agitated state today.

Re: Pet Peeves

  • Work related: When people let their dishes "soak" for a long time and then don't clean out the drain/sink. I don't care how you are at home, but being dirty in a common area really bugs me!
  • I don't mind if people at work use my silverware or dishes, but I really effing hate it when they don't wash them out or put them back where they belong. 

    I was looking for my spoon earlier this week and I found it crusted with lawd knows what and in my coworker's desk drawer.  Ew. 

    It also drives me nuts when people leave food to die in the work fridge.  If you aren't going to eat it, then throw it out.  There is a guy I work with who will only eat fruit when it's overly ripe (like a s super brown banana).  He brings them in when they are fresh and then just sits them out in the common area to decompose.  A). don't bring it in until you are ready to eat it or B) let that ish sour in your own office.  The whole compnay doesn't need to see your moldy fruit.

     I also don't like it when someone takes their food out of the micorwave with only like.. 13 seconds left on the clock and then they don't  clear it.  I don't know why that bothers me.  Probably because I'm super anal retentive.


    Mrs. JEGs
    est 7.17.10 
    Hunter Fillmore
    October 1, 2011 

  • also work related: people call in to make payments, i'd say 95% of them do not have their credit card info available when they call- they have to run upstairs, find it in their purse, etc. If you are calling to pay with a cc, why not have it with you in hand ready to go? and its the same. darn. people every single month that we tell we cannot store their info

    or when people call in and just start talking and talking without allowing you to get a word in but never give a name, or anything related so i cant pull up the account until they shut their yap. and then usually they have to go through the whole thing again

    David John 4.19.01
    Jonathan Dean 4.5.08
    Anna Capri 5.4.11
  • work related -

    people who think they are busier than you and constantly talk about how busy they are

    peple who drink your coffee creamer and then use the last of it  & don't replace.

    delivery people who are rude

    people who ask a million questions and can't figure out anything on their own

    people who work in other parts of the building and assume because you are in the "office" and sit behind a computer you do their payroll or do IT.

    UGHHH!!  It's been a day.

  • people who send out outlook invites for meetings and it just says "dial in" in the location info with the details inside the invite, instead of putting the dial-in info right there so you can see it.  i hate having to open the invites just to join the meeting.

    people who post about their workouts on FB constantly, no one cares. i have one FB friend who even takes pictures of herself at the gym and uploads them.

    american people who randomly pronounce things with heavy international accents, like "croissant" or "mozzarella" as "croh-sahh" and "mooz-a-rell"

    philly people who say "i seen"

    also i hate when you text someone and they decide to call you instead of texting back.

  • image delicatefew:

    american people who randomly pronounce things with heavy international accents, like "croissant" or "mozzarella" as "croh-sahh" and "mooz-a-rell"

    Totally agree with this.

    Also, I can't stand when people talk about how they've "been through hell." it just sounds ridiculously melodramatic. What happened to you probably sucked, but please don't say you've been through hell.

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