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Ok, now I'm freaking out (Europe related, of course)

Over DH's wallet.  He keeps it in his back pocket, except when he is driving or sitting. 

So, should he just take his wallet (slimmed significantly down of course) or a money belt (Is that cheesy?) or something else.

I think I am going to take my purse as usual.  I normally always used to carry it before we got married, now I don't often but I'm still hoping I won't lose it...

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Re: Ok, now I'm freaking out (Europe related, of course)

  • I'm trying to remember if DH carries his wallet at home. I think he puts it in a front pocket. He's also picky about what kind of bag I'm allowed to carry. Usually I'll carry a purse with a long wide strap over my head (messenger bag style), rather than a shoulder bag. I won't set it down or leave it somewhere, no one can easily take it from me, I let it hang in front of me so I am always aware of where it is, and the strap isn't small enough to be cut with a pocket knife (which is one of DH's biggest concerns).

    I think a money belt is kind of geeky, but it's probably the safest way. He could put the money that you will likely use that day in his front pockets, and store the rest and other important things in the money belt.

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  • whatever makes you most comfy. He can wear it in the front pocket with his hand kind of casually over it with a thumb through the belt loop. That way if the pickpocket "bumps" him, his hand is already right there over the top.

    You can split up the money between you as well so if the worst does happen you aren't out everything. A money belt can be awkward. Getting to it in public shops while wearing a coat is funky. Oh- he could also keep it in a zipper pocket or inside pocket of his jacket. That's a pretty safe bet, too. 

  • when my sister and i were touring europe, my sister and i made a point to carry bags across our body. this way, people couldn't just run by (or speed by on a vespa which apparently is common) and pull it off my shoulder.

    i would have your husband carry his wallet in the front as well. or wear a money belt under his shirt.

     honestly, don't freak out over the details so much :)  

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