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Any of you ladies reading the Twilight series?

I started a few weeks ago and it is safe to say that I am OBSESSED!  I am almost finished Eclipse and have Breaking Dawn waiting on the shelf.  I already made a date with Eddieboo to take me to the midnight showing of Twilight when it comes out in November.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone is as obsessed as me!

This is actually a good thing though, it has been keeping my mind off obsessing about the bar exam results which are coming out on October 10th.

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Re: Any of you ladies reading the Twilight series?

  • I read them in August and I'm so excited about the movie coming out in November. I am obsessed as well. I made my sister and best friend read them, so I would have someone to go with me to the midnight showing. Check out the Nest Book Club board for tons of posts about the Twilight books and movie.
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  • I found that once I finished Twilight, I couldn't just start any other book. I needed something similar to take me down from the Twilight high. I jumped into the series The Southern Vampire Mysteries. There are eight books in the series and the ninth is coming out next year. Very good books and very similar to Twilight. It's set in upstate Louisiana, somewhere between Monroe and Shreveport and based around Sookie Stackhouse. They recently made the first book into a HBO series called True Blood.
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  • Hey! I really need to read them! Everyone I know is totally into them!
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  • LTF, yes, you MUST read them.  But be warned that they are addictive and you will think of NOTHING else all day but getting home to find out what happens next! 

    CurtisandKellie, my thoughts exactly on reading the Southern Vampire Series next!  Eddie and I watch True Blood every Sunday and those were the next books on my list.  I just started book 3 in Breaking Dawn.  I'm taking this one a little bit slower than the others just b/c I so don't want it to end. 

    I'm trying my hardest to recruit friends to read the books just in case Eddie bails on me at the last minute before the movie, but he promised he wouldn't.  Funny thing, I have actually started calling DH "Edward," something I have never ever done, and he just laughs b/c he knows that I'm doing that only because of the books! 

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  • I'm interested in what you think about the ending of BD, a lot of people I talk to don't like it. Have you heard about the Midnight Sun leak? Curtis has already said that he is not going with me to see the movie.

    I love True Blood and it's what made me start reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries. The books just keep getting more interesting.

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  • OK, you piqued my interest. I bought the first book this evening.
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  • I ONLY have time to read before bed and haven't gotten that far but it's good.
  • I hope you ladies enjoy the books.  From what I have heard you either LOVE them or hate them, I myself would be in the LOVE category. 

    Saxy, my reading time is before bed too, so needless to say I have spent many nights up until 1am saying, just one more chapter, one more chapter, and then finally going to bed b/c I know if I didn't there would be hell to pay in the morning. 

     I have finished the series and am anxiously awaiting the movie, so I picked up Twilight AGAIN, to refresh my memory for when the movie comes out. 

     I have a funny Piece of Flair on my Facebook that says, "My husband's only competition is a fictional vampire."  Eddie was not impressed!  Stick out tongue

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