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The 7-11 by where I work...

WAS ROBBED! I think our company alone supports this 7-11 its where we get our coffee in the morning snacks through out the day! We know all of the clerks there and they know all of our office gossip. The dear lady who is older is ok but everyone over here is lost because they can't go over there they have the whole place taped of with crime scene tape. UGH...      

Re: The 7-11 by where I work...

  • Stuff like that always freaks me out.  I know that it can happen in ANY store, but I try to avoid stores that stuff like that has happened in.  Just this morning on the radio, I heard about a gas station that was robbed and an 18 year old customer was shot as the robber ran out.  I was in a not-so-nice part of town a few years ago when someone came in and stole a couple of cases of Natty Light... The guy stood in line behind me and everything and then just took off out the door while the clerk pulls a bat out and runs after the guy.  I haven't been in that store since!!  But seriously, if you're going to STEAL beer, why Natty Light????  haha
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  • Its crazy because this area isn't known for that. This area of Vegas and its crazy because someone tried to break into our office on saturday night. No one was here of course but still just wierd that both things happened just a few days apart!!!   
  • Stealing Natty Light is just Klassy any way you look at it!!

     So scary Pam, but I am glad the clerk is okay!!

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