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You are truely an inspiration!  There are not many ladies out there that would be as laid-back and nonchalant as you have been nearly two weeks past their due date.  I was induced three weeks early and even by then I was a moody, constantly complaining mess.  Major kudos to you, girl!

Also, wanted to tell you that it is totally a possiblity you won't need Pitocin.  Amelia was born barely 12 hours after they started me on Cervadil.  No Pitocin required. And a good hour of that I was actively NOT pushing.  Good luck Thursday/Friday.  I hope your L&D goes smoothly and as close possible to the way you're hoping for.

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Re: Melissa

  • Thank you!!! I am so glad to hear other people say they didn't need  pitocin. I'm not necessarily scared of it, just...the less medicine, the better. I won't be a martyr, but I can't say that I wouldn't love to shove it in people's faces who laughed at me when I said I didn't want pain meds.

    My [mostly positive] attitude is a mix of several factors:

    1) Being off work is a huge one. I know if I were still there, dealing with people's crap and hearing the "You're still here?" comments, I would be a lot angrier.

    2) Another huge one is DH. As high strung as he is on most things, he has been extremely calm and encouraging me to do the same. We made the decision together to actively NOT be pessimistic about going over, since we pretty much knew it was going to happen. Every time I was embarrassed about going to the doctor for high BP and the false alarm, he gently (which is not normally his way) reminded me that there's no sense in being upset about it because there is not much I can do.

    3) I haven't done anything to encourage labor to start (any of the OWT), so I don't feel like I've TRIED to make the baby come and failed.

    4) I have been mostly comfortable. I just remember that anything that does hurt is only temporary!!!!


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