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Google Reader

What the hell?  How did I not know about this glorious invention until today?  Whyyyyy am I so behind the times? 

This is fantastic!

*shuffling off to properly follow blogs*

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Re: Google Reader

  • what are you talking about?!  you are not alone, i'm clueless
  • Well I had all these blogs that I was interested in, but I NEVER bother to go through my favourites list and actually read any updates...because there are literally 20, and who has time for that?  But today I found go to Google Reader (I have gmail, so it's attached to that but I'm pretty sure you could just sign up for it without having gmail) and then you just go to "add subscription" and put in the URL for the blogs that you like.  And then it is basically just like checking your go to Google Reader and any new posts from those blogs will show up, all in one place.  It is awesome!

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  • Isn't it fabulous?! I follow so many blogs I have up to 100 new posts a day in my reader! And I have almost 300 starred.
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  • How cool!  But I probably don't need to spend yet more time on the internet. 
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  • Thats pretty neat! I'd never heard of it before.
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  • I couldn't live without it. I have mine categorized-- friends' blogs, stuff that's work-related, humor, etc.
  • Kevin just recently discovered this as well.  I don't follow too many... but maybe I will look into it.
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  • I always hear about it but I don't use it myself.  I just have my blogs organized in my Favorites/Bookmarks -- Food Blogs, Daily Reads, Teacher Blogs, etc.  I'll have to check out Google Reader, though!
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