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East Hartford Area

Any thoughts?

My H is headed there Thursday for an interview. What would be good parts of town to live in (we'll want to rent a 2 bedroom and hopefully buy in a few years). 

Coming from the south, I'm a little scared by the cost of living difference, but we'll make it work. 


Re: East Hartford Area

  • I wouldn't live in East Hartford, you can live in Manchester, Glastonbury, Hartford and have much better apartment options, restaurants, stopping etc. The commutes would be 20 minutes tops so nothing too bad, and the traffic is minimal.

    The COL isn't that bad at all, I'm sure it's more than the south, but I'm guessing $900-$1200 for a 2 bedroom, I live in Boston now so I have no idea what rents in CT are

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  • I agree..I would not live in East Hartford personally.  I live in Manchester currently but we own a home, so I'm not sure what rental prices are like.  There are a lot of nice apartment complexes in Manchester though.  If you think you might want some more info, PM me and I can give you a list of places.
  • I would look in Glastonbury or West Hartford (WH will be a little further -about 20 minutes - but GREAT apartments, restaurants, fun area etc.)

    I'm actually vacating my 2 bedroom apartment in West Hartford in a couple weeks - let me know if you want me to send you info!

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  • I wouldn't live in E. Hartford either, parts of it aren't bad but the surrounding neighborhoods are better.  Manchester and Glastonbury are nicer, but will be more expensive for renting.  You get used to the COL difference because jobs up here pay more, so it evens out in the end.  I'm from NC and where I lived (Raleigh) was actually pretty comparable to here except the taxes.
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  • I haven't lived in that area since 2006 but 2 bedroom apts at the Clocktower Mills in Manchester were close to $900. 
  • I lived in Vernon for 2 years and really liked it.  Lots of ammenities and affordable rent
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  • DH and I live in glastonbury and pay 1225 for a LARGE 2 bedroom in the center of town. Its super convenient to work, fun, etc.

    East Hartford is the next town over but I would not live there, personally. Good luck!

  • If you're looking to reduce the shock of cost of living differences, West Hartford and Glastonbury may be tougher to find reasonably priced apartments because they are that much nicer! But definitley look, there's always a chance you'll find something there that's perfect. I would recommend Manchester, but beware of the areas directly around the Mall...traffic is nuts. But in the surrounding areas (some nice, some not as nice) you'll definitely have a lot of apartments/condos for rent to view that might be more what you're looking for price-wise.



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  • I agree with everyone else East Hartford isn't a good town to live in. Glastonbury is nice but can be pricey, West Hartford is awesome definitely check there I lived there for a year. I'm currently in Vernon, CT which is on the other side of Manchester still not far from East Hartford 15-20 minutes depending on the side of town your going. Vernon has a lot of condo's and appartments. Another town to look into that's nice is South Windsor (it's next to East Hartford.) Good Luck!
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