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Tree suggestions?

Hello all, this is my first ever post on The Nest, so my apologies if I come accross a bit 'green'.

My hubby and I recently moved to a new area, to a house that is only 6 years old and is lacking very badly in the landscaping department. As far as gardens go, I know what I like, what our sun in like, and what I can manage. But I really, really, want a tree in the yard, but I'm not sure what would look good. Stats are as follows:

Large yard, full sun, dark soil/clay, high altitude. Would like tree to be relatively low maintenance (no fruit/flowering trees), provide adequate shade, and be relatively quick growing (so no elms or oaks for this girl). We live in Southern Ontario, so we get an array of climate changes - snow, cold, hot, humid, etc. Hubby is adament he does NOT want a silver maple... but other maples are an option.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Re: Tree suggestions?

  • How would you feel about a conifer? Do you have a lot of spruce, fir and pine in that area?
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  • After 2 years of looking, we got an ornamental hawthorn, the strain is Winter King. It does flower and fruit, but I haven't done a thing to it other than water it when it first went in the ground. Maybe it's an option? I love it.
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  • How about a non-fruiting crab apple?  They do really well here in Colorado (with similar climate, soil, and altitude issues), grow pretty quickly, and require very little maintenance.  Their flowers are gorgeous in the spring, too!  For maples, how about a flame leaf?  Ours is taking its sweet time to grow but it's a beautiful tree.
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