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Who do you blog for?  Is it mostly for friends, for families, other bloggers, or just to get things out?

I've been thinking about starting a blog lately but I'm not sure what type of blog I want to do.  I'm not sure that I want to share with certain family members because I know they are going to want it to be all about Amelia.  I'm sure there would be some baby talk but I want to be able to talk about other things too. 


Re: Bloggers

  • My blogging audience is Nesties, a handful of IRL friends, and other members of the type of blogging community I'm in (style bloggers). My subject matter is way too frou-frou to have most of the people in my life know about my blog, so I don't advertise it on my FB. 
    image image
    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • My "Everything" Blog is just that...a little bit of everything. Life stuff, sure, but mostly my 101 list, my cooking adventures, product reviews (books, movies, retail, restaurants, etc.) and some of my crafts. It's a mix-up. My audience is mostly Nesties (though I wish more would follow!), family, friends, and FB people (if they ever click the link...to be honest, I really don't know who is reading it!).

    My "Craft/Entertaining" Blog I hope to make more "professional" and niche-based. If/when I ever open an ETSY store, I'll probably link them.

    Mostly I blog because it makes me happy to do it. That's why my blog fluctuates -- sometimes it will be really busy, with multiple posts per week. Other times, I won't post for weeks.

  • I was thinking of doing a 101 list so that would definitely be a part of it.  I just want to be able to have an outlet for my random ramblings without IRL friends and family reading into it.  Nothing secretive or dramatic but just not wanting to be overanalyzed.
  • I didnt share mine with too many IRL people for quite a while... its really been since about January that I started telling people about it.  Now I'm not sure who reads it because between followers and Google Reader I have almost 700 subscribers... which completely amazes me - especially since I haven't been good at updating it at all in the past few months.  I'm hoping that it continues to grow though, its more fun for me knowing that people are reading it.
  • I have mostly Nesties andfamily members that read mine. I don't have it posted on facebook because I don't really want a ton of people to know what I am upto. I do share the links when people ask to see photos of something specific (like our kitchen)

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